Why Major Railroads Trust Midwest’s Coal Car-Topping Solutions

Why Major Railroads Trust Midwest’s Coal Car-Topping Solutions

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Railways across America rely on coal car-topping solutions to keep their freight in line with environmental regulations — here’s why they trust Midwest’s Soil-Sement® to get the job done.

North America’s leading freight transportation companies move a staggering number of agricultural, industrial, and consumer products across the country safely and efficiently, every single day.

In addition to its capacity for large-scale transportation — in 2015 alone, 1.8 billion tons of commodities (from corn to coal) were transported by rail — trains also require far less fuel and produce fewer emissions than the all-highway trucking alternative. On average, it requires only one gallon of diesel fuel to haul a ton of freight 500 miles on the railway.

Its efficiency and environmental friendliness make rail the most trusted means of transportation for America’s coal industry: in 2015, 650 million tons of coal were hauled across the country via rail. That’s an average of 1.78 million tons of coal being transported to American households and businesses every single day.

Midwest’s Coal Car-Topping Solutions

With this much coal moving across the U.S. everyday, America’s rail system is committed to coal dust mitigation and employs coal car-topping solutions to reduce fugitive dust emissions. Railroad operators across the country trust Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc.’s dust control products and solutions — namely Soil-Sement®, the most economical, high-performance, and environmentally friendly solution on the market for the reduction of PM10 and PM2.5 dust particulate — as well as our highly customizable Coal Car-Topping System® to meet their specific needs.

Midwest’s coal sealing solutions start with a spray-applied polymer emulsion, which binds the top layer of coal into a durable layer as hard as steel and as durable as rubber. With patented nanotechnology, the solution binds to the coal on a molecular level, which presents myriad benefits — in addition to increasing strength, elasticity, and ductility, it bolsters resistance to UV radiation on the surface of the coal.

The benefits of this system are numerous: not only does it stabilize the coal, reducing fugitive airborne dust, but it also resists water penetration to protect the coal from degradation in its trans-American journey.

With Soil-Sement and other patented products, Midwest provides the industry-leading solutions that American railroad operators trust to sustain efficient operations — and equally important, to minimize environmental impact and promote positive relationships with surrounding communities across the country.