Sustainable Road Stabilization with Midwest Industrial

Sustainable Road Stabilization: It’s at the Heart of What We Do

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In 1970, the Clean Air Act marked a significant shift in the nation’s approach to sustainability. The legislation, which asserted every American’s right to health through better air quality, focused on the root cause behind pollution: reducing particulate matter. That same mindset would ultimately drive Bob Vitale and Midwest Industrial Supply to invent its first eco-friendly dust suppressant, Soil Sement®, with its tagline of “dust control for the 21st Century,” for the purpose of effective and sustainable dust control and road stabilization.

Fifty years later, Bob and the team at Midwest are still just as committed to sustainability for every industry — mining, oil and gas, aviation, agriculture, iron and steel, and railroads. And as we continue to innovate, we are laser focused on air quality, water quality, and human health in ways that will not compromise the ability of future generations to enjoy the same while meeting their own needs. Sustainability goes beyond formulating powerful products. Here’s how we approach dust control to make a lasting impact supporting environmental sustainability, social sustainability, and economic sustainability. 

Environmental Products that Preserve and Protect

The first place Midwest started with sustainable road stabilization was, of course, the products themselves. Combatting an enemy as imperceptible as dust requires a solution with an equally microscopic focus to get the job done. 

That’s why Midwest crafts all of its products with science-based research to formulate solutions according to the particulate matter. Midwest’s molecular-focused method goes one step deeper by customizing formulas to a customer’s specific site needs. This detailed method makes for the lasting difference of solutions like EK35®, EnviroKleen®, Soil Sement®, and MineKleen®, versus temporary dust palliative fixes like water or chlorides. 

The effectiveness goes beyond simple dust reduction though. Our products champion sustainable road stabilization with results that preserve and protect the environment. Lower dust levels means increased respiratory health for individuals. Its glue-like effect means a strong adherence to the aggregate surface, preventing chemical and dust runoff into the surrounding environment. And as an added benefit of a more effective product, Midwest dust suppressants require less application, saving time, carbon emissions, and product. For a more detailed savings breakdown, check out our previous article about unlocking sustainable road stabilization

Stewardship Across the Continent

Third-party test results have shown our diligence in developing solutions that guard human health and reduce environmental impact. From these findings, regulatory agencies like the EPA and OSHA have deemed Midwest products compliant to their most comprehensive measures. 

But we don’t stop at meeting the standard. Just as it is important to provide these sustainable road stabilization products, it’s also important to share them with the world in an act of environmental stewardship. 

We have a repository of third-party testing and certifications across the continent that verify our sustainability efforts and bolster others’ trust in us as they explore sustainable dust control options. The US EPA Environmental Technology Verification Program, Quebec BNQ, United States Geological Survey, Pennsylvania Department of Ecology Dirt and Gravel Roads Program, the state of West Virginia, and the Washington State Department of Ecology are just a few of those who understand the Midwest difference.

Making a Social Impact with Sustainable Road Stabilization

Sustainable road stabilization is ultimately a team effort. It may not seem to have a larger social impact than increasing the health of workers and passersbys, but Midwest casts its environmental nets wide by inviting employees to share their input and perspectives. By creating a workplace environment that is understanding and open-minded, we receive valuable insights from every team member and their professional experience in sustainable road stabilization.

We don’t leave the conversation there. Sustainability is an important topic not just for our business, or specific industries with strict regulations. It involves all of us living on earth to make the greatest environmental impact. Midwest engages its corporate responsibility by supporting local organizations and indigenous communities in multiple international projects with the hope of continuing our founding effort of sustainable technology for all. 

A Partner who Understands Sustainable Road Stabilization

Though there are plenty of products on the market, none of them can provide an approach as comprehensive as Midwest. No matter your industry, regulations, or environmental needs, we offer products engineered to go the distance with a sustainability mindset to match. Our concern, not just for your site, but its surrounding environment, has been an integral part of our story since our founding. For us, better dust control and better sustainability are our goals with every project and innovation that comes our way. Do you want a partner who values effective and sustainable road stabilization? When you choose Midwest, simply consider it done. Contact us today to learn more about how we live out our sustainability commitment.