Effective Road Dust Control Methods

What is the most effective dust control?

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We know suppressing fugitive dust particles is a major concern across a multitude of industries. Whether it’s preventing dust interference in steel manufacturing, stabilizing mine tailings, keeping gravel runways safe for landings, or protecting a vineyard harvest, customers and prospects alike often ask “What is the most effective dust control?”

The first step in answering this question starts with looking at what methods we know are ineffective. In the world of dust control, there are several commonly used solutions like water, chlorides, brines, and other harsh chemicals. Many of these topicals, however, only provide temporary relief. They can sometimes leave your fugitive dust worse than before, and to top it off, these chemicals usually leak into the surrounding environment, causing irreparable damage to plant life, water sources, and other critical ecological systems.

But as experts in the field for almost fifty years, we know there isn’t a one size fits all response when it comes to finding the most effective dust control. It requires a detailed, science-based, approach. That’s why we developed the Guided Self Apply®Dust Control Program® to provide a custom solution engineered to your site.

Midwest’s simple, effective Guided Self Apply Dust Control Program

When it comes to the right plan of attack, there’s plenty of factors that contribute to dust. Soil composition, traffic usage, weather patterns, and road surface quality are just some of the major components at play. Creating a full profile of your worksite, or the area receiving treatment, is critical in determining what is the most effective dust control for you.

Our Guided Self Apply Dust Control program operates as a collaboration. You determine your desired level of dust control, and Midwest uses our science-based product and methodology to meet your needs. We help you develop and co-design a program with our dust suppressant formula at the right treatment frequency and pair you with all the necessary application tools. These effective dust control programs only boil down to two components: our EnviroKleen® solution and 1500 Portable Sprayer. 

EnviroKleen brings advanced dust control 

The world’s first Synthetic Organic Dust Control® product, EnviroKleen locks dust to the surface aggregate, preventing fugitive particles from escaping and endangering your worksite. This patented solution works as a two-part system. 

The first consists of a synthetic carrier fluid that is designed at a micro-scale. It penetrates deep into the surface, latching onto individual aggregate and soil particles and evenly distributing the EnviroKleen solution 2-3 inches below the surface for the most effective dust control.

The other vital component is our KleenBinder ®, a binding agent engineered with excellent adhesion properties and an extremely high viscosity. Its uniquely large and highly branched molecules behave as both a viscous fluid and elastic solid. These molecules intertwine into a tentacle-like network that makes up EnviroKleen’s high-performance bind matrix.

Besides its stunning performance, EnviroKleen is an eco-friendly alternative. Where other dust control tactics either leave you with more dust or leak toxic chemicals into nearby ecosystems, Midwest’s industry-leading solution seals to the aggregate’s surface for the most effective dust control. EnviroKleen’s proven environmental performance is even backed by countless environmental certifications.

1500 Portable Sprayer system: DIY dust control

At Midwest, we believe application makes up 60% of your dust control success. That’s why we include the 1500 Portable Sprayer as part of our Guided Self Apply program.

One of our E-Sprayer® dust-control systems, the 1500 Portable Sprayer was engineered by application technicians to deliver an easy, accurate treatment. By maximizing mobility and versatility, this sprayer heightens EnviroKleen’s performance. Begin treating your site with effective dust control in minutes by placing it on any light duty truck, from an F-150 to a flatbed 1-ton trailer.

EnviroKleen is stored in a back-end tote and dispersed using a spray bar attachment that covers up to 8’ with one pass. On/off capabilities are controlled from within the cab. After the product finishes, replenishment is as easy as replacing the empty tote with a new one — no further dismantling required.

The value of Guided Self Apply Dust Control 

We create effective dust control by uniting the power of EnviroKleen with the easy application of the 1500 Portable Sprayer, so you can achieve the greatest value. When you choose the Guided Self Apply Dust Control program, you can trust it will reduce dust levels by 85% or more. All you have to do is set your desired level of dust control, and Midwest will deliver the right program.

As an effective dust control program, you will not only mitigate your fugitive dust, but reduce other expenses. Based on your program focus, you’ll no longer lose time or money from halting operations for another reapplication session, a common experience with alternative methods. These benefit only compound when you consider the DIY 1500 Portable Sprayer, which also reduces labor costs and increases distribution efficiency as you turn your dust control program into an easy one-person job. 

So, what really is the most effective dust control? Midwest knows the answer

As we’ve learned in this article, Midwest knows the only person who can answer this question is you. While high-performing products like EnviroKleen and tools like our E-Sprayers take dust control to another level, it’s concocting the perfect solution based on your specific situation that leads to the most effective dust control. 

That’s why Midwest didn’t just create science-based, eco-friendly dust control products with stellar results. We also crafted an entire program based on this much-needed flexibility. We partner with your team to create a customized dust control plan that suits your needs. You get to decide how much dust reduction you want to aim for. While you set the goal, we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way, offering the insights and support your team needs to carry out the plan successfully.Your dust control goals are important to us, and we’re excited to help you achieve them. Contact us today to explore what the most effective dust control may look like for you.