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America’s Crumbling Infrastructure and What It Means for Tourism

In Gravel Roads, Road & Surface Management, Roads, Soil Stabilization, Unpaved Roads by Steve Vitale

Some Background on America’s Crumbling Infrastructure  In May 2020, TRIP, a transportation research nonprofit, published a report that assessed the condition of rural America’s crumbling infrastructure. Its findings were not positive.  First, 50% of all rural, non-highway roads are rated between poor and fair. Roads in this condition have cracking, potholes and ruts, to the point that the TRIP report states they “often …

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How to Reduce Aircraft Damage From Gravel Airstrips

In EK35®, Gravel Runway by Bob Vitale

The unexpected cost of operating aircraft on gravel airstrips Remote unpaved runways and their operators face a multitude of unique issues due to the characteristics of the gravel material used, climate and seasonal impacts, geographic location, available resources and equipment and performance requirements. One of the particularly challenging issues is the risk of damage to an aircraft resulting from Foreign Object …

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How to Achieve the Most Effective Road Dust Control

In Dust Control, Guided Self Apply Dust Control, Industrial Facilities by Bob Vitale

Effective road dust control requires treating the cause, not just mitigating the symptom When most people think of road dust control, they think of spraying something (usually water) onto the road surface to suppress dust particles. If they do think of using a product, they assume that a single application will resolve the issue and keep dust on the ground …