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Federal Funding Available – Unpaved Roads That Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

In County Roads, Gravel Roads, Unpaved Roads by Steve Vitale

Environmentalism has always been a part of the conversation at Midwest. Bob Vitale founded Midwest over 50 years ago on the very definition of sustainability and its three folds. His vision continues to drive our innovation, as our arsenal of dust control and soil stabilization products aim to 1) improve the conditions of employees, 2) guard the environment against pollutants, and …

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A Solution to America’s Crumbling Infrastructure — Agriculture

In Gravel Roads, Road & Surface Management, Roads, Unpaved Roads by Steve Vitale

Research from the 2020 TRIP report discusses America’s crumbling infrastructure in agriculture and the lack of funding available to repair the network. The rural economy is heavily dependent on what the TRIP report refers to as “goods production.” This includes farming and ranching. The report also covers forestry and fishing, mining and energy extraction, and manufacturing. Agriculture accounts for 11% of earnings …

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Midwest Surpasses Federal Safety Standards

In Industrial Facilities, Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc., Safety by Steve Vitale

The development of better safety protocols, including attention to dust control standards, has become a primary concern for many companies in the industrial world. Consideration for industrial dust control has played a crucial role in determining the safety of many industries, particularly mining, and has been a source of concern for federal agencies such as OSHA and MSHA over the …

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Landing on a Gravel Runway: In Action

In Uncategorized by Steve Vitale

If you’re interested in aviation, you can find loads of footage watching the wondrous mechanics of all sorts of aircraft take off and land on a multitude of runways. Though many show planes departing or landing on asphalt or concrete runways, some unique footage will show airplanes landing on a gravel runway. The fact that gravel is involved makes it …

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SECUR® Your Takeoffs and Landings

In Air Travel, EK35®, Gravel Runway, Semi-Permanent Technology, Transportation by Steve Vitale

Safe gravel runways are the optimal choice for small airports and more remote locations considering they are less expensive than using paved asphalt roads. But even with overall lower costs, maintaining a gravel runway in remote regions that are subject to coarse weather still requires regular upkeep. The repair timeline for any average gravel runway usually involves partial rebuilds every …