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A Prison of Dust — the Impact of Unpaved County and Township Roads on Rural Communities

In Dust Control, Unpaved Roads by Bob Vitale

For rural towns in Alaska and Canada, unpaved roads present a tangible threat to the very community itself. Residents are, in some places, literally confined to their houses during particularly dry seasons. Fugitive dust from unpaved roads shuts down tourism, affecting the local economy. It causes damage to vehicles, therefore requiring more repairs, increasing the financial burden on families. And the …

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How Midwest’s MineKleen Program Saved One Mine Nearly a Quarter Million Dollars Per Year in Underground Mine Dust Suppression

In Dust Control, Mine & Quarry by Bob Vitale

A major North American non-ferrous underground metal mining company was using a commercial dust suppression product to suppress dust in their underground mine. Per mine management, this product was not meeting their needs, usage was much higher than they wanted and the costs (approximately $650,000 annually) were not meeting their expectations. The chemical product that was then being used had …

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How to Ground Your Gravel Runway Maintenance Costs (Affordably)

In Gravel Runway by Bob Vitale

You know that your gravel runway maintenance costs are getting away from you. Every time a plane takes off or lands, you literally watch a small part of the surface fly away. You’re out there grading it weekly, trying to minimize the impact. And you know that eventually you’ll have to replace it.  But do you know what your gravel …

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Choosing a Safe Disinfectant

In Disinfecting by Bob Vitale

As you choose a disinfectant for your office, school, large venue or for any other application, it’s important to choose a safe disinfectant. Safety is, of course, a top concern in choosing what product you’ll use in your cleaning and disinfecting program. The Safe Disinfectant Litmus Tests Consider these three perspectives on selecting a safe disinfectant as we deconstruct each …