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Another Competitor Bites the Dust: Penn State Researchers Find Brine for Dust Control is Toxic and Ineffective

In Dust Control, Guided Self Apply Dust Control, Industrial Facilities by Steve Vitale

Dust control has always been a major issue for industrial sites and in response, myriad techniques have been attempted to eradicate it. For example, one of these old-fashioned approaches, watering, works like a band-aid, potentially lasting for just mere minutes, racking up costs with multiple application sessions to reapply the suppressant. Even chlorides, concocted of sodium, magnesium, and magnesium chlorides, …

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A Scientific Approach to Industrial Dust Control Programs

In Dust Control, Guided Self Apply Dust Control, Industrial Facilities, Road & Surface Management, Safety by Steve Vitale

For industrial sites like steel mills, precast operations, mines and quarries who are required to operate with strict air quality permits (Title V Air Quality Permits or OSHA’s Silica Rule), managing respirable, fugitive dust from unpaved areas is a necessary battle. The cost of not implementing a successful industrial dust control program is more than just regulatory fines, though: it includes …

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A Solution to America’s Crumbling Infrastructure — Manufacturing

In Gravel Roads, Road & Surface Management, Roads, Unpaved Roads by Steve Vitale

The Impact of Crumbling Roads on the Manufacturing Industry Manufacturing continues to play a critical role in rural economies. Despite an overall reduction in manufacturing jobs between 2001 and 2015 (a period that included two recessions), manufacturing continues to provide more jobs and higher earnings in rural communities than many other sectors, such as agriculture and mining. It is also more important …

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How to Cut Cost and Increase Success with Your Underground Mine Dust Control

In Underground Mine Dust Control by Steve Vitale

One of the things that sets Midwest apart from many of the manufacturers of off-the-shelf dust control products in the industry is our focus on program over product. We’re invested in the success of our clients, meaning we work relentlessly to help them achieve the best possible results for their underground mine dust control programs. Because the success of a …