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Sustainable Road Stabilization: It’s at the Heart of What We Do

In Gravel Roads, Gravel Runway, Soil Stabilization, Sustainable Dust Control by Steve Vitale

In 1970, the Clean Air Act marked a significant shift in the nation’s approach to sustainability. The legislation, which asserted every American’s right to health through better air quality, focused on the root cause behind pollution: reducing particulate matter. That same mindset would ultimately drive Bob Vitale and Midwest Industrial Supply to invent its first eco-friendly dust suppressant, Soil Sement®, …

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Alaska’s Oil Industry Restart Brings Attention to One of “America’s Loneliest Roads” and Rural Road Construction

In County Roads, Gravel Roads, Roads, Unpaved Roads by Bob Vitale

The Biden Administration’s approval of the Willow project will exponentially expand Alaska’s oil and mining industry. Symbolizing a brighter future for its economy, this oil revival has also left Alaska with two simple facts: the Willow project has received the green light and that means heavier traffic for one of “America’s loneliest roads,” the Dalton Highway, bringing the topic of …

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Federal Funding Available – Unpaved Roads That Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

In County Roads, Gravel Roads, Unpaved Roads by Steve Vitale

Environmentalism has always been a part of the conversation at Midwest. Bob Vitale founded Midwest over 50 years ago on the very definition of sustainability and its three folds. His vision continues to drive our innovation, as our arsenal of dust control and soil stabilization products aim to 1) improve the conditions of employees, 2) guard the environment against pollutants, and …

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A Solution to America’s Crumbling Infrastructure — Agriculture

In Gravel Roads, Road & Surface Management, Roads, Unpaved Roads by Steve Vitale

Research from the 2020 TRIP report discusses America’s crumbling infrastructure in agriculture and the lack of funding available to repair the network. The rural economy is heavily dependent on what the TRIP report refers to as “goods production.” This includes farming and ranching. The report also covers forestry and fishing, mining and energy extraction, and manufacturing. Agriculture accounts for 11% of earnings …

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New Samitron Metrics Prove Effectiveness of Midwest’s Soil-Sement for Unpaved Road Maintenance

In Gravel Roads, Road & Surface Management, Roads, Soil-Sement®, Unpaved Roads by Steve Vitale

Another study, another success. Midwest’s Soil-Sement passed with flying colors after extensive testing was completed in Scottsdale, Arizona on five miles of unpaved roads, at five different sites. The test showed that unpaved roads, in fact, can work just as well as paved roads without the high installation cost to communities. And better yet, unpaved road maintenance can cost a …