EnviroKleen®and Newtrol™ Receive West Virginia DEP Approval

EnviroKleen®and Newtrol™ Receive West Virginia DEP Approval

In EnviroKleen®, Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc., Newtrol™ by Bob Vitale

West Virginia just got a bit more “wild and wonderful” — with the approval of the state’s environmental protection agency, dust control solutions EnviroKleen and Newtrol can start strengthening the Mountain State’s roads without adversely affecting its wildlife.

EnviroKleen and Newtrol have received official approval from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, adding to Midwest’s extensive record of environmentally friendly service. Proven ecologically safe, our products help industrial companies and local government bodies in West Virginia — a state that’s dealing with strict regulations.

Gravel and dirt roads aren’t just part of the character of rural states like West Virginia — they’re an affordable transportation solution for industry and small towns. Unpaved roads give off plumes of airborne dust, resulting in damaging conditions for nearby communities and ecosystems, as well as big fines from regulatory agencies. The dust can indicative of instability problems, which lead to potholes, washboarding, and road conditions that could be damaging or unsafe.

The approval of EnviroKleen and Newtrol will empower West Virginian towns and counties to take action with their unpaved roadways without resorting to unaffordable options like asphalt. Instead of coating local plant life and property with hazardous dust, they can rely on system of roads that creates less pollution, needs less maintenance, but keeps all the character of a real country road.

Another West Virginia staple in need of good dust control are industrial sites. Heavy industrial machinery puts more stress on haulage roads, making ruptures and instability even more likely. What’s more, the size of these vehicles makes accidents due to potholes more dangerous and more expensive to fix.

EnviroKleen and Newtrol were both designed to have minimal environmental impact after application to existing gravel or dirt roads. EnviroKleen certifications from the US EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification Program and Quebec BNQ speak to the efficacy of Midwest’s products and longstanding commitment to federal and local compliance.

Midwest is proud of its environmental record, but even more proud to assist local communities and industries in West Virginia. In a predominantly rural state where unpaved roads remain crucial to the lives of many, these approvals hold the promise of not only better industry, but a better quality of life.

For the full story, read the full press release here.

Bob is founder and CEO of Midwest Industrial Supply.