Midwest Rated 10/10 after Reducing Dust Levels by 85% at ECS Refining

Midwest Rated 10/10 after Reducing Dust Levels by 85% at ECS Refining

In Dust Control, Dust-Buster® Material Handling, Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. by Bob Vitale

In yet another recent success story, Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. teamed up with ECS Refining to tackle a serious dust control issue they’d been experiencing at their plant.

ECS, a company that recycles and processes old electronics, were concerned about conditions at the plant and the impact they were having on employees. Of particular concern were the Personal Exposure Limits (PEL) and lead levels in workers’ blood from prolonged exposure to the dust produced by the recycling process. The dust was plainly visible within the plant, and presented an obvious safety hazard to ECS’ workers.

Using a variant of our tried-and-true Dust-Buster foam agents and E Dust-Buster Products, Midwest treated the facility and reduced dust levels by an impressive 85%, leaving virtually no visible dust in the air at the site. Not only did our program reduce the amount of dust, but it also lowered lead PEL levels by 50% or more, improving not just the employees’ health, but also their morale. And it accomplished all that while not impacting the critical sortation processes downstream.

ECS was more than pleased with these results and rated Midwest a perfect 10/10 for equipment reliability and overall implementation of the dust control system. Not only was Midwest able to tackle the central dust control issue, but our solutions also sparked a jump in employee health and productivity, as well as the overall safety and well-being of the work site. Midwest worked closely with ECS to develop the product and application method according to the size and scale of the plant, carefully applying the foam agents and tackling the serious dust issue head-on.

This case is just one of many that demonstrate Midwest’s commitment to developing individualized and customized solutions for our clients while maintaining stellar attention to detail. We leveraged the expertise we’ve developed over four decades in business to achieve dramatic and measurable improvements on behalf of our client. We’re proud of the high esteem they have for Midwest’s service and the remarkable ratings they’ve given us.

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Bob is founder and CEO of Midwest Industrial Supply.