Damage to Local Crops Forces Hopkins to Discontinue Dust Control

Damage to Local Crops Forces Hopkins to Discontinue Dust Control

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A Michigan township recently abandoned its established dust control methods, citing fears of environmental and mechanical damage. The community should now look to Midwest for help, as the company offers 40 years of experience and a deep understanding of its clients’ production, safety, and environmental concerns.

According to MLive, a recent meeting of the Hopkins, Michigan, Township Board set off a serious debate over the best way to deal with the growing levels of dust generated by the town’s unpaved roads.

The Board’s initial plan was to invest in a salt solution spray designed to keep dust from becoming airborne and spread by the wind. Although this sounds like an effective solution in theory, the process carries with it some unfortunate consequences — primarily, salt’s tendency to damage crops and erode metal-based farm equipment.

In response to residents’ complaints about these problems, the town decided to abandon its plans and simply let the dust run amok.

But instead of letting these drawbacks dictate the course of action, Hopkins should explore an alternative solution to their dust problems. Dust control is a critical issue for agricultural communities such as Hopkins, and Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. can provide personalized and comprehensive solutions the township needs.

Decades of Experience

Although the company has specialized in dust control for 40 years now, Midwest continues to innovate and provide the highest quality products in the field. Relying on their decades of experience, the company’s team of experts has crafted an extremely effective and personalized approach to heavy industrial services.

Due to the frequency with which dust control issues occur, Midwest has focused on catering directly to the clients requesting their help. The company recognizes that every location and exigency presents an entirely unique set of demands and circumstances.

By working closely with their clients and the surrounding communities, Midwest aims to do their job while maintaining a personal touch.

In a recent project taken up by Midwest, homeowners in a small Ohio residential area became concerned after a large fracking operation started expanding in close proximity to their town. Facing the very real fears of increased truck traffic, dust, noise, and necessary road maintenance, the town called on Midwest to implement their Fines Preservation Program® and EnviroKleen® Synthetic Organic Dust Control product.

What the town got was the standard Midwest sets for all of its clients: excellent service, affordable prices, and an environmentally conscious approach that yielded impeccable dust control and the conservation of over 175 million gallons of water per year.

A Range of Products

Now that we’ve seen the dedicated customer service that’s come to be synonymous with Midwest, it’s time to turn our attention to their products. In this industry, a personal touch will only go so far if you don’t have the quality services to back it up.

Fortunately, Midwest offers a variety of excellent and versatile products that can be tailored to any situation. Here are just a few examples of their famous dust-combating products that could come in handy for Hopkins:


Midwest’s most environmentally safe dust control product, Envirokleen provides long-lasting performance and works effectively on a wide variety of materials. Envirokleen traps fines together and prevents the escape of fugitive dust, requiring far fewer applications than any other dust control method out there.


This Organic Dust Control solution was developed right in the Midwest laboratories. Representing a new category of dust suppressant, EK35 is exactly what Midwest’s site claims it to be: “the most environmentally safe dust control and soil stabilization solution on the market.”


The E-Sprayer System is a unique innovation that brings dust control into the DIY realm. This patented and durable tool is designed to be mounted on anything from a large trailer to an F-150, giving you full, mobilized control over your work.

Let Midwest Help Today

Working in agricultural settings and with heavy industries can present numerous variables that make the job that much more difficult. Fortunately, Midwest understands these problems, and their assistance is only a call away. So don’t let these issues get in the way of your town or company’s commute, budget, or way of life — let Midwest and their extensive line of products help today.

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