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The Growth of Natural Gas Markets

In Dust Control, Environment, Oil & Gas by Bob Vitale

America has a lot to gain from Natural Gas as a fuel for the future, not only to help relieve us of our dependence on foreign oil, but also to decrease our emissions and impact on the environment. We look at the significant roadblocks to the broader distribution and use of this miracle natural resource.

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Whose Responsibility Is It to Maintain a Right-of-Way?

In Dust Control, Soil-Sement®, Surface Management by Lynn Cielec

Maintaining a right-of-way for public access or utility companies is the duty of the land owner. Users of the property must also exercise due care restoring the land to its original state if damaged. Responsible parties should understand the elements of maintenance required, and the precautions they can take to avoid the harmful effects of soil erosion on their access-land.