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5 Points to Ponder About Your Gravel Airstrip Repair

In Air Travel, Gravel Runway by Steve Vitale

While you’re probably used to easy travel between towns and states, there’s a plethora of places around the world that require a much more complex travel plan than just getting in the car. In fact, some destinations, like Antarctica or the Galápagos Islands, are only reachable by plane or a barge. In these cases, many everyday things easily become determinates for survival …

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Despite Absence from FAA Funding, Gravel Runway Infrastructure Finds Its Fix with Midwest’s SECUR® Stabilization System

In Gravel Runway, Soil Stabilization by Steve Vitale

Did the FAA overlook gravel runway infrastructure in its latest round of grants? The answer is yes, but we have a fix! Whenever you think about a visit to the airport, you may already find yourself filled with dread. Culturally, many people view airports with disdain, already imagining cramped terminals, cancelled flights, and subpar cuisine. In recent years, even beyond …

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Another Competitor Bites the Dust: Penn State Researchers Find Brine for Dust Control is Toxic and Ineffective

In Dust Control, Guided Self Apply Dust Control, Industrial Facilities by Steve Vitale

Dust control has always been a major issue for industrial sites and in response, myriad techniques have been attempted to eradicate it. For example, one of these old-fashioned approaches, watering, works like a band-aid, potentially lasting for just mere minutes, racking up costs with multiple application sessions to reapply the suppressant. Even chlorides, concocted of sodium, magnesium, and magnesium chlorides, …