Safe Gravel Runways with Midwest's SECUR Gravel Runway System

SECUR® Your Takeoffs and Landings

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Safe gravel runways are the optimal choice for small airports and more remote locations considering they are less expensive than using paved asphalt roads. But even with overall lower costs, maintaining a gravel runway in remote regions that are subject to coarse weather still requires regular upkeep. The repair timeline for any average gravel runway usually involves partial rebuilds every five years followed by a full rebuild every ten years. Even as the more cost-effective solution, this maintenance can still soar into the millions since treatment usually requires shipping in new aggregate material to replace what’s been lost.

You can eliminate the need to perform routine grading on your gravel runway while keeping safe gravel runways. It all comes down to using a stabilization system. Strong stabilization has the power to increase the lifespan of your gravel runway, reduce your maintenance costs of resurfacing, and has been known to double the operational years of your runway surface with huge long-term cost savings. At Midwest, our stabilization system, SECUR®  has helped over 100 gravel runways achieve long-term stability with a lifetime of cost savings. 

An unkept gravel runway can affect your entire operation

When it comes time to fix the damage, you not only have the costs of rebuilding a gravel runway, but the potential for affecting aircraft and other vehicles, amassing a whole bill of expenses because of destabilization. 

As a gravel runway is used, damage and dust accumulate, and airports, consequentially, begin experiencing dangerous effects on their operational performance. With the gravel runway’s structure withering and loosening, airplanes require longer takeoff and landing distances to overcome the rolling resistance to added friction caused by the unbound surface. Beyond massive movements, aircraft handling and protection equipment can become difficult to maneuver or even become impaired entirely. 

But the number of variables and expenses mounting in this situation do not have to befall your own airport, not with Midwest’s SECUR® stabilization system in your arsenal. 

Your all-in-one solution with Midwest’s SECUR® Stabilization System

The SECUR® gravel runway system solidifies these fine particles together, keeping them cemented to their original positions and locking the runway in place without the potential for dust or FOD.  Our product provides maximal support by binding at the molecular level. With attention like that, it’s no wonder the SECUR® Stabilization System is an all-in-one solution for your gravel runway.

Midwest’s SECUR® Stabilization System has a diverse suite of patented technology that incorporates EK35® and EnviroKleen® into the upper 4-6” of the runway. A synthetic fluid, EK35 creates pavement-like surfaces through chemical bonds to the aggregate that are actually strengthened by traffic over time through its densification. As part of its chemical structure, EK35 offers stabilization all year round making for a safe landing or takeoff down to -70 °F. 

In places like Alaska, known for its brutal weather, gravel runways are an essential component to survival and staying connected with the outside world. Midwest’s SECUR® gravel runway system gives remote places like Alaska the freedom to travel safely throughout the year. If you’re interested in reading more about Alaska’s aviation culture, take a look at our blog post, “Alaska’s Love for Gravel Runways Will Never Die”

With products backed by science, Midwest delivers your gravel runway the stabilization needs to maintain a functioning airport. You’re just a SECUR® installation away from receiving the benefits of an increased lifespan, improved safety, stronger internal structure, successful dust control, and immense maintenance savings for your gravel runway.

How do we know the SECUR® Stabilization System will work to ensure safe gravel runways? Because we made it just for you.

Partnering with Midwest is more than just product application. It’s a full-service treatment starting with an individualized evaluation of your work site. We examine the current state of your runway, looking for weak spots and erosion. After our thorough analysis, we create an entirely customized program to fit your needs.

Contact Midwest today to receive a quote or to learn more about the SECUR® gravel runway system.