Addressing Complex Industrial Dust Control Situations

Addressing Complex Industrial Dust Control Situations

In Dust Control, Managed Services, Surface Management by Lynn Cielec

Many industrial operations sites have serious dust control issues that hinder work productivity as well as the health and safety of their workers. Midwest’s dust control programs minimize dust emissions, create a safer work environment, and ultimately enhance the efficiency of the entire operation. See how Midwest can help affordably and efficiently improve your work site.

Dust control is a frequent and significant issue among complex industrial operations — especially ones that utilize unpaved roads as essential hubs of activity. These unpaved areas not only threaten environmental compliance, but they also impact employee health and safety, and often raise operating costs as a result.

Problems and Solutions

In addition to regular maintenance costs, sites with excess dust can incur grading, and often suffer serious equipment damage. Although traditional dust suppressants and watering methods can be temporary fixes, they’re ultimately unsuccessful and unsustainable.

Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. has an exquisitely-developed, specialized method for dealing with dust control that won’t necessarily empty pockets.

Dust control is actually relatively simple, but is almost always misunderstood and often poorly executed. Many misconceptions exist around the process, including a misguided focus on specific products, as if one product alone will solve the larger, consistent problem of excessive dust.

Rarely are the specifics of a site considered, and there seems to be a general lack of understanding about the actual application process.

At the root of this sphere of misconceptions is that decisions around dust control are often made merely based on a product and its price, when the best solution is, without doubt, to establish a long-term program, catered specifically to the properties of an individual site.

Unlike most alternatives, Midwest has a thorough, organized and specialized dust control program that maximizes operations while minimizing costs. First, Midwest critically evaluates the site to understand specific dust sources and challenges, accumulating useful data about traffic flows, loading, spillage, and contamination.

Midwest is also careful to take into account product chemistry, closely studying soil types and industrial factors that might influence a dust control program, as well as any corporate mandates, environmental concerns, issues with the local community, or specific site factors that might affect which products are used.

Program Over Product

Midwest’s ultimate focus in providing effective dust control solutions is on “program, not product” — we believe that an extensively-researched, long-term program will generate far more success than a quick-fix application of a simple, overarching product.

Midwest also focuses carefully on the actual application process, which is arguably the most important part — an initial application of 20-40% of the total gallons of product takes 1-3 days to apply, and is closely followed by a maintenance application 5-10 days after the first one.

This “managed program” is proven to have longer-lasting results than a one-time, temporary fix.

Midwest’s program even features a payment structure to help clients combat the heavy up-front investment of dust control programs — companies can be billed monthly over the course of a season, helping to alleviate costs and tackle budgetary limitations by spreading out the cost over a longer period of time.

Most programs begin with an initial trial section to ensure that the execution is successful, that dust levels are consistent, and that both parties are happily communicating and cooperating.

If you’ve got any type of dust control issues whatsoever, Midwest knows exactly what to do and how to do it. Putting a band-aid over a long-term issue will only worsen the wounds, and investing in a specialized strategy like Midwest’s is well worth it. Let Midwest find you the solutions you need to make your workplace as safe, productive, and efficient as possible.

Lynn Cielec is the Industrial Business Unit Manager at Midwest Industrial Supply. She is an experienced executive sales director with a proven track record of results and sales growth. Effectively utilizes consultative selling methodologies within a CRM system while incorporating other value based selling tools. Expertise in building and leading high performing sales teams, strategic planning, P & L management, new business development, compensation development, market/trend analysis, new product launches and multi-sales channel distribution.