Helping Indonesian Farmers Optimize Harvest Season

In Environment, Soil Stabilization, Soil-Sement® by Steve Vitale

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After heavy rains in Indonesia, the already primitive roads become impassable. Crop farmers in Indonesia are only able to harvest on demand 50% of the time. Some crops, such as palm dates, can only be successfully harvested during a very brief window, making it imperative to keep roads in the most optimal condition possible.


Farmers were spending large sums of money to improve road conditions so they could get their produce to market. The aggregate they were using, however, pulverizes into dust, settles on plants and fruit, or blows away and ultimately is lost, bringing the roads full circle toward unusable. Further compounding the problem is the breakdown-causing damage suffered by vehicles owned by trucking companies attempting to traverse impassable roads to transport crops. Ultimately, it is the farmers who absorb much of the cost of repair.


By enhancing their roadways with Soil-Sement®, Indonesian farmers are cost-effectively enjoying passable roads even after heavy rains, a major reduction in aggregate use, a better operating environment for trucks and equipment, and less general maintenance on their roadways.