Sustaining Road Surfaces Without Causing Environmental Risk

In Environment, Soil-Sement®, Surface Management by Frank Elswick



A Canadian concrete drainage products manufacturer and distributor in Canada had been using oil and asphalt grindings to control fugitive dust on its main in-plant roadways and loading areas.


Heavy rains caused the oil to wash off the roadways into an adjacent creek creating a potential environmental risk.


The company opted for Midwest’s Soil-Sement®, which does not wash away or leach out of the surface, track onto public roadways, or discolor pipe inventory. Rather, Soil-Sement penetrates, saturates and bonds surface dust and a road’s sub-base together to create a complete, hard, dust-free, water resistant and resilient surface. The manufacturer was protected from further environmental risk by a complete and cost-effective dust control program including scheduled maintenance applications.

Frank is the sales unit manager of Midwest's road construction and natural paving markets.