Fugitive Dust Problems Solved at an Utility Ashpond

In Dust Control, Environment by Steve Vitale



Cold winter weather was causing the surface of a utility company’s ash pond to freeze dry, turning it into a source of fugitive dust. Summer, too, presented a dust problem as the pond water evaporated or drained off.


The ash pond is only a quarter of a mile from its industrial neighbors and half a mile from residential houses. Responding to complaints and wanting to be a good neighbor, the utility sought a solution.


Midwest implemented a Soil-Sement®-based dust control program which solved the fugitive dust problem. Soil-Sement has the unique ability to eliminate dust and airborne particles because it chemically bonds and seals the surface to prevent wind from lifting fines and creating dust. Depending on a site’s objectives, applications can be tailored to be effective for several months or up to one year or longer.