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Coal Transportation: Recent Rise in US Commodity Mining Impacts Railroad Traffic, the Environment, and the Economy

In Anti-Icing Deicing, Coal Car-Topping System®, Rail & Mass Transit by Jim SilvaLeave a Comment

While coal trains are ultimately better for the environment than transit alternatives, the introduction of additional coal dust into the landscape raises concerns. Recent studies have inspired the development of environmentally-friendly products to treat the coal and equipment and reduce the negative impact of dust, helping the booming mining industry comply with emerging, stricter regulations Jim SilvaJim is Midwest’s Business …

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Whose Responsibility Is It to Maintain a Right-of-Way?

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Maintaining a right-of-way for public access or utility companies is the duty of the land owner. Users of the property must also exercise due care restoring the land to its original state if damaged. Responsible parties should understand the elements of maintenance required, and the precautions they can take to avoid the harmful effects of soil erosion on their access-land. …

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Suppressing Dust on Gravel Roads

In Dust Control, Gravel Roads, Soil-Sement® by Lynn CielecLeave a Comment

After much protest, the government of Newfoundland and Labrador will resume its dust control measures. Is this the start of change on a larger scale? Lynn CielecLynn Cielec is the Industrial Business Unit Manager at Midwest Industrial Supply. She is an experienced executive sales director with a proven track record of results and sales growth. Effectively utilizes consultative selling methodologies …

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A Long and Bumpy Road: The Federal Highway Trust Fund’s Impending Gridlock

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The looming U.S. Federal Highway Trust Fund fiscal crisis is threatening the safety and security of the nation’s transit infrastructure Stephanie CornellStephanie Cornell is the Director of Marketing at Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. She has over 30 years with the company and extensive experience with marketing strategy, competitive analysis, product marketing, and inbound and outbound communications.