Washington Seeks Safe Rail Solutions

Washington Seeks Safe Rail Solutions

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A recent string of issues has led to major reforms in the crude oil transportation industry. Midwest offers quality products to help combat these problems — both now and in the years to come.

With the recent boom in crude oil production, existing pipeline capacities are being outpaced, and the reliance on rail lines is drastically increasing. Due to this relatively sudden new demand for increased railway usage, workers and lawmakers alike are searching for ways to make railway transportation safer than ever, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Both groups are taking the issue with the seriousness it warrants, and are working swiftly towards a long-term solution to ensure that railways remain a safe, secure method of transporting goods in the face of increased demand.

Active Education

As those involved work towards a permanent solution, the biggest area of focus is preparing both for daily operations as well as emergency situations. The American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Association of American Railroads have been working in tandem to introduce a new educational course for local first responders who aren’t entirely familiar with railway protocol.

According to the same Post-Gazette article, the program seeks to explain “the characteristics of crude oil, designs of oil tanker cars, and strategies for responding to a spill and handling a crude oil fire.”

There’s no doubt that the process will be a gradual one, but involved officials remain hopeful about its potential success. “This is not a goal that can be reached through any single action or step,” said API CEO Jack Gerard, confirming again that “eliminating the last elements of risk requires a holistic and science-based approach.”

Using The Right Products

While the educational measures being taken to strengthen our railroad network are certainly beneficial, they’re worth close to nothing if the equipment being used isn’t safe, modern, or well-crafted.

Luckily, companies like Midwest Industrial Supply Inc. make products to guarantee that railway operations remain smooth, productive, and most importantly, safe. Let’s take a look at two of Midwest’s quality industrial lubricants that could bring aid to this unfortunate situation.

Glidex: This unique product from Midwest is a synthetic and organic switch lubricant. Made specially for tracks, railway switches, slide plates, and throw rods, Glidex serves as an effective lubricant while also providing a barrier that helps rails withstand ice and dirt. What’s more, its long-lasting and resilient formula can be used in virtually any climate.

Gravity Plus: Gravity Plus is an environmentally-sound anti-sticking agent that provides a flexible coating made to prevent coal, sand, ash, and other materials from sticking to metal parts. The self-healing properties of this agent prolong its coating life and help prevent flaking, and it can be used on a variety of industrial tools ranging from railcars to silos.

This product is a favorite of those in the oil and coal industries, due to its effectiveness and durability through continued exposure to harsh chemicals.

Looking to the Future

With numerous programs in place to help combat these recent issues, officials are hopeful that the status of safety in the transportation of crude oils can be taken to new heights. Since fossil fuels and similar resources are still the prevalent source of energy in our nation, our methods of transporting and using them need to be as safe and environmentally sound as possible.

Let Midwest Help

Known for their impressive line of dust control, soil stabilization, surface management, and rail lubrication products, Midwest has come to be one of the most trusted names in industrial solutions. Every day, we bring aid to issues similar to the ones currently affecting the American crude oil and transportation industries.

Our reliable products bring a peace of mind to the companies using them, and our proven experience in the field makes it clear that only products of the highest-quality will be provided.

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