Midwest Helps a Top-Five U.S. Steel Producer Optimize Facility Maintenance Program, Boosts Employee Morale

In Dust Control, Managed Services, Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. by Bob Vitale

When one of the nation’s largest steel producers faced considerable operational challenges arising from costly and inefficient maintenance programs, they turned to Midwest.

At a large U.S. steel mill, traditional maintenance methods had started to impede plant efficiency. Not only were the direct costs of grading and watering their huge network of roads mounting, but they were also wasting their workers’ valuable time on these tedious and relatively simple tasks.

The indirect costs, too, were becoming a problem — employee complaints rose, retention rates fell, and low employee morale was costing the company even more than just the physical maintenance expenses. What’s more, the facility’s faulty roads were damaging some valuable equipment. That’s when they called in Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. for backup.

Together, this company and Midwest developed an extensive Managed Services program that clearly identified and addressed the specific challenges faced at the facility. Midwest’s solution spanned from planning, to purchasing, to product application.

Their executives were blown away with Midwest’s customized solution — not only did Midwest dramatically reduce the costs of grading and watering the roads, but also minimized over 90% of the facility’s dust.

In order to accomplish the feat, Midwest utilized their Road Pro® NT product, a polymer-modified asphalt emulsion that strengthens road surfaces and minimizes dust under any conditions.

The producer wanted to eliminate excess dust at their facility, reduce water consumption, and minimize the time and money spent on maintaining their roads. With a customized application of Road Pro NT, Midwest accomplished all of that and more.

Lowering the dust and improving the facility’s roads improved company morale, reduced employee complaints, and gave the company the ability to put their workers to more efficient use — the result was higher facility efficiency, lowered expenses, and an increase in overall profits.

Because of Midwest’s successful program with this operation, they’ll now be treating two other facilities and three sister companies with similar road maintenance solutions.

Read the official press release here.

(Image credit: Payton Chung/flickr)

Bob is founder and CEO of Midwest Industrial Supply.