Soil-Sement® Awarded BNQ Certification

Soil-Sement® Awarded BNQ Certification

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The Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ) has confirmed its certification of two formulations of Midwest’s Soil Sement® Engineered Formula, bringing Midwest’s number of BNQ-certified products up to three — and putting Soil-Sement® in a class of its own.

After approval by the prestigious Bureau de normalisation du Québec, Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. now has three certificates for the safest and most environmentally friendly products on the market.The BNQ recently certified two formulations of Midwest’s Soil-Sement® Engineered Formula as meeting its environmental requirements for dust control and soil stabilization agents on unpaved roads or similar surfaces. These awards, along with the perennially BNQ-certified EnviroKleen® solution, put Midwest in an elite class of its own when it comes to innovating environmentally-safe and effective solutions to the biggest problems facing the industrial world.

Accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), the BNQ Certification provides the users of Soil-Sement Engineered Formula proof that Midwest has submitted its products to a quality assessment process conducted by an independent third party and is committed to user safety, and a promise of competence, quality and reliability.

What makes Midwest’s Soil-Sement formulas superior is that they are powerful, polymer emulsions, which improve the load-bearing capacity of a surface, stabilizing any unpaved road to be as hard as steel. With the road surface stabilized, less fugitive dust is able to escape into the air or affect the surrounding environment. It’s this level of quality that makes the Soil-Sement formulas the number one choice for companies in various industries across the world. From mines of all types, to gravel runways, to oil fields, companies choose Midwest for the customized solutions and application systems that comprehensively solve for soil-stabilization, dust control, and even road building.

Continued Environmental Excellence

The BNQ award — largely regarded as the highest international standard of environmental excellence — is one of the most sought-after certifications for industries that work in such environmentally-fragile conditions. At the time of Midwest’s BNQ certification, the two Soil-Sement formulas are the only polymer emulsions certified by the organization for dust control applications, denoting them as the most environmentally safe and effective choices for dust control in the world.

The process for BNQ certification is transparent, uniform, and rigorous, requiring the BNQ board to score products and reach a consensus as to their strict adherence to eight environmental standards regarding ecotoxicity, aquatic, soil and geno-toxicity, critical contaminants, degradation, bioconcentration, and mobility.

A BNQ certification guarantees that a product is not merely environmentally-friendly, but that it is environmentally benign, having no negative ecological impact whatsoever.

This recognition of Soil-Sement Engineered Formula bolsters Midwest’s 40-plus year legacy as a worldwide leader in effective, affordable, and environmentally sound dust control solutions. It is also a testament to our market-leading R&D department, whose solutions-first mentality consistently provides our clients with products which meet and exceed their needs.

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Bob is founder and CEO of Midwest Industrial Supply.