Midwest Releases New Glidex® MC to Make Railways Safer

Midwest Releases New Glidex® MC to Make Railways Safer

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New and improved Glidex® MC reduces rail switch friction by an additional 30% and extends Midwest’s lead in the market.

Midwest Industrial Supply Inc.’s clients have counted on Glidex® to ensure seamless track changes for decades. Now, the new and improved Glidex® MC will help make railways even safer.

Glidex MC’s improved chemistry contains a special metal conditioner that reduces oxidation and exhibits residual properties, making the lubrication treatment last longer than previously imaginable. The product will effectively inhibit metal corrosion in addition to its lubricant properties, which will ensure smooth switch operations for better transportation.

From its inception, Glidex was designed to facilitate easy switch maintenance and better performance in order to improve train safety system-wide. A properly maintained switch reduces the potential of loss time accidents due to hard to throw switches. Glidex’s track record of success has led to its use for switches in rail yards, steel mills, mining sites, and other locations where metals collide. In other words, it’s designed to last for a long time in any type of environment.

Traditional graphite-based technology tends to be messy, wasteful, and harmful to the environment, but Glidex and Glidex MC are unique in their environmental cleanliness: they even exceed the California Environmental Protection Agency’s compliance regulations.

Studies show that Glidex MC reduces friction up to 30% more than its predecessor, which makes for more seamless rail travel. However, these tests suggest that Glidex MC could reduce friction even more with repeat use and as the metal conditioner takes effect. The product can be applied in temperatures as low as -40℉, so even your harshest winters won’t delay the implementation process.

At Midwest, we’re dedicated to non-stop improvement, as our R&D Center has continued to innovate even in industries and markets where we already have leading products. Glidex MC continues Midwest’s legacy of innovation and will allow railways everywhere to operate more safely.

Read the official press release on this success story here.

Bob is founder and CEO of Midwest Industrial Supply.