5 Questions to Ask Your Dust Control Vendor

5 Questions to Ask Your Dust Control Vendor

In Dust Control, EK35®, EnviroKleen® by Lynn Cielec

Looking for dust control, but don’t know which vendors will give you the best offer? Keep these five questions in mind to identify the company that will best meet your site’s objectives.

An effective dust control program is a necessity for your industrial site or unpaved road — but you already knew that.

What you may not know, however, is that dust control requires a significant investment, and it can often be difficult to determine the right program for your specific needs. Here are the five most crucial questions to ask a dust control vendor whose services and/or product you’re considering purchasing:

1. How often will the product need to be applied?

Many people in the market for dust control make the mistake of purchasing a one-time fix. Buying dust control is different from buying a bucket of paint from Home Depot, however — dust control is all about the program, not the product. You might only need to apply it once per month, or you may need to apply as frequently as once per day. An experienced and reliable dust control vendor will know that they need to design a long-term plan based on your site’s needs, considering a variety of factors ranging from environmental regulations to the local climate.

2. How many types of products are available?

Dust control isn’t a one-size-fits all product. With over 25 different chemistries composing over 200 products on the market, you may not actually be in a position to accurately determine which product or chemistry will meet your site’s needs.

For that reason, you want to be sure that your vendor offers a varied selection of products to meet any possible dust control need (as well as the requisite knowledge and experience to correctly choose the product to use for your site).

3. Will your program meet my dust control needs?

Before you select a vendor, it’s instrumental to do your homework. How much dust control do you need? How long would a dust control program need to last? Even within a single site, different areas can require different applications of different products in different proportions, depending on factors like traffic intensity and the stringency of environmental regulations.

Your dust control vendor should be able to expertly assess your site, weighing the influence of variables like high-traffic areas, road types, weather changes, and EPA regulations in order to formulate a program that can effectively control dust at the lowest possible cost.

4. Will we need to handle product application?

When it comes to the success of a dust control program, application is more than half the battle. Your site’s specific needs will dictate the choice of dust control product, as well as the frequency and means of application — and it’s crucial to ensure that your applicator knows how to incorporate all of these factors.

For that reason, you should be sure to inquire about whether your vendor can apply the product for you. It may actually be most expedient (and cost-effective) to pay your vendor to handle application for you, rather than risking an inefficient application that could sabotage your program’s effectiveness.

5. Will the amount I’m charged change over time?

One of the most common complaints we hear from customers of other vendors is that they were encouraged to buy a certain number of gallons of product, but the effectiveness of this initial purchase was hindered by something unforeseen — whether that be weather or inexperienced applicators — which necessitated an unanticipated follow-up purchase. So choose a reputable dust control vendor with a proven track record; you should never have to stretch your budget because your vendor failed to live up to your expectations.

Midwest: Your Trusted Dust Control Partner

At Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc., we are proud to offer dust control programs completely custom-built for your site, and each of our programs has a fixed rate based on the specific objectives of your dust control program. We also offer a no-strings-attached trial period: if you aren’t satisfied with the dust control you’re getting within the first 60 days, you can cancel at any time.

Midwest will never charge more than what was initially agreed upon, even if the weather changes and your site needs more frequent applications to achieve the necessary level of dust control. Our suite of patented products (including fluid binders like EK35® and EnviroKleen®) lock fines into your roads to ensure long-term surface durability and lower rates of particulate emissions. With a huge array of solutions at our disposal, Midwest is well-equipped to handle the challenges posed by any site in need of dust control.

Lynn Cielec is the Industrial Business Unit Manager at Midwest Industrial Supply. She is an experienced executive sales director with a proven track record of results and sales growth. Effectively utilizes consultative selling methodologies within a CRM system while incorporating other value based selling tools. Expertise in building and leading high performing sales teams, strategic planning, P & L management, new business development, compensation development, market/trend analysis, new product launches and multi-sales channel distribution.