Opencast Coal Road Dries Out Too Quickly During Hot, Dry Weather

In Coal-Utility, Dust Control, Haul Road Dust Control® by Steve Vitale



The weight of haul trucks breaks down the roadway material they travel on creating dangerous dust. It not only makes visibility poor on the roads but sticks to the lorris and must be washed off before they can enter the highway.


Coal road dust control was becoming increasingly unmanageable. On hot days at a major opencast coal site, the coal roads were drying out and becoming dusty within 20 minutes after watering.


A coal road Dust Control Program helped the mine experience dramatic improvement after mixing Haul Road Dust Control® with water at a rate of 1:1000. As a result, the water bowser was only required to water the site four times per day, which created a substantial cost savings. Because dust was greatly reduced, the lorries leaving the site spent less time in the wheel wash and tracked very little material onto the public highway. Using Haul Road Dust Control® as part of a planned maintenance program greatly improves safety and operations while reducing maintenance and operating costs by increased wetting of dust. This coal road dust control solution allows slower evaporation of water, increased ground moisture and better surface compaction with less surface deterioration.