What You Need to Know about EnviroKleen®

In Dust Control, EnviroKleen®, Haul Road Dust Control® by Cheryl Detloff

We answer all the questions we frequently hear from customers and industry partners about our industry-leading dust control product, EnviroKleen® — so you don’t have to ask.

Suppressing dust on village, haul, and access roads may seem like a herculean task, but EnviroKleen® is up for the challenge. Tested for durability, it’s a reliable, effective, and environmentally friendly solution to any village or company’s dust control needs.

If you’re wondering what exactly makes the product so different from the alternatives, we’ve provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about it below.

What is EnviroKleen made of? Is it safe?

EnviroKleen is a synthetic organic fluid formulated with a synthetic binder system. It’s classified as a Synthetic Organic Dust Control product, meaning that it meets specific EPA synthetic fluid standards for toxicity and biodegradability. A wide variety of tests have demonstrated that it will pose no threat of negative consequences to human health or the environment.

How do I apply EnviroKleen?

EnviroKleen is best applied with metered spray trucks equipped with correctly sized nozzles. Centrifugal pumps, hydroseeding systems, and our own unique E-Sprayer™ systems are also effective options. If you foresee challenges with handling application on your own, we also offer turnkey delivery and application services and customized managed service programs, handling everything from estimating the amount of product needed to the actual application.

Where should I apply EnviroKleen?

Many surfaces can be treated with EnviroKleen, including unpaved gravel roads, haul roads, construction sites, parking lots, baseball diamonds, and landing zones. As an environmentally friendly product, it’s particularly well-suited to areas with extensive wildlife or vegetation. You can immediately use any area after applying EnviroKleen to it, but it may take up to two weeks for the product to completely coat the aggregate.

How does EnviroKleen work?

The binder systems within EnviroKleen fuse loose aggregate and other particles using adhesive and cohesive mechanisms, trapping dust as soon as it’s generated and preventing it from escaping into the atmosphere. As a result, the surface can be used as often as needed without producing additional dust.

Do I need to use EnviroKleen in a certain climate?

No. EnviroKleen can be applied in temperatures as low -40 degrees Fahrenheit, remaining effective in nearly any season, climate, or weather event.

How do I clean off EnviroKleen from unwanted areas?

Since EnviroKleen is non-corrosive and non-binding, it can be cleaned off with simple dish soap. If a large amount of the product saturates a grassy area, you should clean it lightly with water and dish soap.

Will I still need water to prevent dust?

EnviroKleen doesn’t need to be complemented with watering, and it doesn’t need to be diluted. It provides the same benefits as watering without watering’s well-established disadvantages.