Midwest Receives Pair of Prestigious Honors from Stark County Safety Council

In Industrial Facilities, Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc., Safety by Steve Vitale

Midwest has always prided itself on its commitment to worker safety. We’re thrilled that the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is recognizing our efforts to foster a safer workplace with a pair of prestigious Safety Awards.

Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc.’s greatest strength has always been our employees. Over the decades, we’ve worked hard to establish the safest workplace in Canton and set a standard for our peers across the industry.

As proud Ohioans, we’re particularly thrilled to be recognized as a leader in safety in the Buckeye State. Earlier this week, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) and the Stark County Safety Council acknowledged our longstanding commitment to employee safety by naming Midwest the recipient of its 2018 100% and Achievement Awards.

Bestowed upon local companies who demonstrate exceptional dedication to their workers, these prestigious awards further bolster Midwest’s reputation as a leader in heavy industry and a model employer in the state of Ohio.

A Perfect Record

The BWC Division of Safety and Hygiene’s Safety Awards are among the most distinguished honors that an Ohio company can receive. They reflect a painstaking commitment to the welfare of the community, a strong desire to make Ohio as economically competitive as possible, and a unique ability to balance these objectives.

For all of these reasons, Midwest will be delighted to accept the 100% and Achievement Awards at the 2018 Stark County Safety Council’s Safety Awards Banquet, which will be held at the Skyland Pines Event Center on April 17.


Each award carries with it an exacting set of standards: the 100% Award is given to every company that completes the year without a single employee missing time due to illness or injury, while the Achievement Award is given to companies that successfully reduce the rate of workplace incidents by at least 25% over the previous year.

Midwest is among a select handful of organizations that qualified for each honor, a strong testament to our success in making Midwest one of the safest companies in Ohio.

Since 1975, the Midwest team has worked tirelessly to develop proven, environmentally friendly solutions to the toughest challenges heavy industry faces. From dust on community and rural village roads to ice on major mass transit systems, we’ve invented an unprecedented suite of patented products that help companies and municipalities of every size overcome key operational challenges while keeping workers and the surrounding environment safe.

It should come as no surprise that we take the same approach to our workplace. Over the decades, we’ve always searched for opportunities to make our offices and worksites as safe as we possibly can. Thanks to our policies (and, of course, our products), Midwest has set an example for our industry — and the entire state of Ohio — to follow.