Why Information and Trust Are Vital to Unpaved Road Maintenance

Why Information and Trust Are Vital to Unpaved Road Maintenance

In EnviroKleen®, Soil Stabilization, Unpaved Roads by Frank Elswick

Proper road maintenance requires intense attention to detail and complex yet highly effective solutions. But is the transportation industry suffering from poor communication on the part of maintenance solution providers?

A recent report from the Western Transportation Institute found that many professionals within the transportation industry shared a similar experience with unpaved road solution sales. They indicated that, while their experiences with the manufacturers and suppliers themselves were generally positive, they were collectively unsatisfied with the product information (or lack thereof) conveyed by salespeople, and also felt that the quality of the application process was not up to snuff.

How can we ensure that the people responsible for our nation’s roads receive the information they need, and that the purchased products will be applied correctly?

What the Numbers Tell Us

Let’s take a closer look at the Institute’s findings. About 70% of respondents had positive experiences with road solution manufacturers and suppliers. However, nearly 40% said that the sales representative didn’t fully justify the cost-effectiveness of their solution, while the same percentage reported that the on-site application was unsatisfactory.

It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of clear and concise information to the people who work in this industry. The person charged with maintaining the roads in a given area must comply with EPA regulations along with state and county rules, while also satisfying the needs and interests of the particular communities and/or companies that are most affected by the condition of their roads.

Relevant data, therefore, is fundamental to the success of any transportation project, as it ensures those responsible for making the final decisions can satisfy all involved parties while avoiding costly mistakes. And it’s obvious why a high-quality application process is equally crucial: the political, monetary, and legal costs of a shoddy job are far too high.

Case Study: Hagerman Wildlife Refuge

The experts at Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. pride themselves on the quality of their customer service. With over 40 years of experience in this area, they understand that productive communication is fundamental to productive relationships with their clients, and that a professionally executed application process is fundamental to a project’s success.

To see the Midwest approach in action, check out the video below on their work with the Hagerman Wildlife Refuge in Texas:

In order to comply with federal regulations pertaining to the operation of oil pumpjacks in the area, the Hagerman Refuge enlisted Midwest’s services and expertise to treat the gravel roads that crisscross the property. As Jay Noel, the Engineering Equipment Operator at Hagerman, puts it, the Midwest team was highly professional, their application was precise, and their attention to detail was exceptional.

Midwest experts gathered data on the strength of the roads before application so as to benchmark its effectiveness. Measuring the road surface hardness in newtons with highly sensitive equipment, Midwest provided clear, accurate information on how the road’s strength increased after its EnviroKleen® product was applied. Meanwhile, the team tested the air quality in the area, measuring the amount of particulate matter present and documenting how this level dropped after successive applications.

Midwest understands the importance of clear communication and proper application to high-quality unpaved road maintenance. The stakes are too high and the regulatory consequences too severe to accept anything less than 100% customer satisfaction.

Frank is the sales unit manager of Midwest's road construction and natural paving markets.