Midwest’s EnviroKleen® Stands Alone at the Top of the Dust Control Market

Midwest’s EnviroKleen® Stands Alone at the Top of the Dust Control Market

In Dust Control, EnviroKleen®, Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. by Bob Vitale

As confirmed by the Bureau de normalisation de Quebec (BNQ) Recertification of Midwest’s EnviroKleen® solution, it has become the most environmentally friendly product on the market.

At industrial sites, the rugged use of heavy equipment on haul roads ensures that dust control mitigation is a continuous, uphill battle. And when operators create plans to combat airborne particulate dust, several key concerns arise: effectiveness of product, financial viability, and environmental compliance. And addressing these concerns is of the utmost importance for industry leaders.

We at Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. offer our EnviroKleen® application as a solution for all three. With the BNQ’s recertification, our EnviroKleen solution becomes the most environmentally compliant, effective, and economical synthetic dust suppressant available. EnviroKleen has earned it #1 position in the marketplace from the day it was invented in 1998 and continues to hold its position based on its unequalled performance for customers.

The BNQ certification is the most rigorous and highly coveted on the market, and represents virtually unparalleled environmental excellence. The BNQ process for certification is itself meticulous: products must pass the test across eight stringent environmental categories before being scored independently by panel experts to reach a certification consensus. That EnviroKleen is the only synthetic fluid dust control agent to qualify for certification speaks volumes of its exclusive standing in the industry.

And because certification is only temporary, EnviroKleen’s recent recertification reflects our strong commitment to meeting changing and increasingly rigid environmental standards.

Standards of Excellence

The certification is a reflection solely of the product’s environmental impact, and products other than those with a BNQ certification are deemed unacceptable for use by Quebec’s Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife, and Parks.

The BNQ has approved other dust control methods — including calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, ammonium lignosulfonate — yet each presents its share of production- and cost-related issues. They are also all water soluble and in constant danger of leaching into native soils. Moreover, water solubility implies that their effectiveness is significantly hampered by precipitation, and will therefore require more frequent reapplications.

Our EnviroKleen synthetic fluid binder is non-water soluble, meaning it effectively withstands even the worst inclement weather. And in fact, EnviroKleen is readily biodegradable.

We at Midwest are proud of our 40-year legacy of dedicated environmental excellence through effective and economical solutions. As an industry leader, we feel a lasting commitment to environmental stewardship is the most productive way to carry industry well into the 21st century.

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Bob is founder and CEO of Midwest Industrial Supply.