Preventing Fugitive Dust Emissions on Coal Storage Piles

In Dust Control, Soil Stabilization, Soil-Sement® by Dan Carpenter



When the demand for coal slows, storage piles are left to the elements. Wind, rain and spontaneous combustion are then factors that can effect BTU value and the profitability of the coal.


Erosion, moisture penetration, fugitive dust emissions, oxidation and hot spots occur on a coal storage pile once it becomes inactive.


Preventative maintenance is the base for good economics, resulting in large gains for an operations efficiency and profitability. Plant efficiency and operations are directly influenced by the handling of its coal. Soil-Sement® is capable of controlling coal pile dust emissions and preventing slope erosion, moisture penetration and oxidation. Its product technology and application are unique and at the forefront of improving performance and profitability by positively affecting stockpile performance.

(Image credit: Simon Willison/flickr)