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What is a Private Road Maintenance Agreement?

By Frank Elswick | 07/19/2017

Maintenance agreements reduce conflict by ensuring that neighbors understand their shared responsibility for upkeep of private roadways.


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How Municipal Governments Can Do More With Their Maintenance Budgets

By Frank Elswick | 07/12/2017

Municipal budget cuts can make communities stretch the funds available in the smartest ways to solve problems and keep things running smoothly. You might be surprised at what can be accomplished cost-effectively and with a little creativity.


The Case for Chip Sealing

By Frank Elswick | 07/07/2017

When the maintenance of dirt and gravel country roads becomes a nuisance, chip sealing offers a better, cheaper alternative to paving.


4 Benefits of Porous Pavement

By Frank Elswick | 06/30/2017

Porous pavement is an extremely eco-friendly and affordable surfacing option for low-traffic, low-speed roads.


Alaska Airlines Remembers 50th Anniversary of First Jet Landing in Sitka

By John Burnett | 06/28/2017

50 years ago, the state of Alaska’s “jet age” was born, and many flocked to witness it — today, a few former Alaska Airlines employees recall this fascinating time in the history of air travel.

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