Rethinking Road Maintenance in Underground Mines: Midwest Releases Video on Dust Control Road Management Solution

In Dust Control, Mine & Quarry, Surface Management by Jim Silva

Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc.’s patented products can keep your underground roads smooth, stable, and dust free.

The roads that support underground mining operations see some of the heaviest use of any in existence. Unfortunately, this leads to frequently under-maintained road surfaces.

Bad roads can create unnecessary inefficiencies, such as the need to constantly spend man-hours mitigating dust problems, costly work stoppages and bottlenecks, and needless extra vehicle maintenance costs due to rough conditions and dust penetration.

At the same time, watering programs often exacerbate road maintenance issues even if they serve as a temporary palliative to dust control problems.

Excessive watering can lead to potholes, washboarding, and ribbing, and can render roads impassable – those issues only compound the costs and hours spent on the secondary activities related to road maintenance. Moreover, excessive water can lead to ventilation issues, making underground work more taxing and dangerous.

Fortunately, Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc.’s range of market-leading solutions eliminate dust, eliminate the need for watering, reduce maintenance costs across the board, and dramatically improve the quality of roads over their lifecycle. Our Underground Mine Dust Control and Road Management video shows you how it works:


Digging Deeper

At Midwest, we take the steps to carefully evaluate the unique challenges of your mine, in order to deliver an impactful, cost-effective, and tailored solution. And by using such products as our patented EnviroKleen®, our road management programs have demonstrated reduction of roadway life-cycle costs by over 50%.

The elimination of dust and the stabilization of smooth roadways will benefit other aspects of mine operations as well.

Your vehicles and machinery will require less maintenance (including replacing filters that become clogged with dust), you’ll avoid work stoppages (increasing efficiency), and you will able to drastically diminish the need for watering and grading.

We’ll also help you save on your water bill. In fact, we helped one Arizona mine save 600,000 gallons of water per month, translating to a $6.5 million cost-savings over the next 8 years. This means safe, smooth, and mud-free transport that helps you improve your bottom line

How Our Road Maintenance Solution Works

Our EnviroKleen® solution, a synthetic, organic fluid binder, is applied to roadway aggregate, transforming the road into a smooth, durable, and long-lasting surface. The fines – the glue that holds the road together – are literally locked into the road surface, ensuring that roads are stable and dust-free for years to come.

And EnviroKleen is certified environmentally safe by the EPA and the BNQ. It will biodegrade in natural conditions, and is non water soluble, which means it will not leach into surrounding areas, which ensures environmental compliance.

With Midwest, road maintenance problems will be a thing of the past, and you’ll see mine operations improve across the board with the time, worry, and money saved.

Jim is Midwest’s Business Unit Manager for Global Mining. He is experienced in operations management, asset management, and business improvement.