Methods for Reducing Construction Site Dust and Erosion

Methods for Reducing Construction Site Dust and Erosion

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Construction site managers are well acquainted with the challenges of dust and erosion — as well as best practices for addressing them.

Rugged environments, safety hazards, and complicated logistics are just a few obstacles that construction site managers deal with on a regular basis. However, among the most common difficulties besetting construction sites are the detrimental effects of excess dust and erosion.

Inclement Weather & Dust

Construction site managers, especially those engaged in heavy municipal work, site development, and activities that involve earthwork, are particularly affected by changing weather conditions: extreme temperatures, winds, or precipitation can cause site erosion issues that significantly delay projects. Meanwhile, anyone who has ever managed a construction site knows that airborne dust can interfere with daily operations and prevent a site from functioning at its full capacity.

Heavy machinery, construction operations, and uncovered stockpiles all generate dust that can create unstable working conditions and ultimately decrease a site’s productivity — and therefore, its fiscal viability. Luckily, Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. offers effective solutions to the fugitive dust and erosion issues that frequently challenge construction site managers.

Midwest’s Solutions

Mitigating the effects of inclement weather conditions begins with the development of an effective erosion control strategy. Midwest’s Soil-Sement® — an environmentally safe, advanced polymer emulsion that stands up to wind, rain, UV light, and other weather conditions — provides construction site managers with the tools they need to stabilize surfaces and minimize damaging erosion.

Soil-Sement’s resilient polymer-based formula bonds surface dust and aggregate more effectively than oil, calcium, and asphalt emulsion products, providing a guaranteed outstanding performance on even the toughest surfaces. Meanwhile, construction site managers can avoid potential disruptions to workflow and productivity — and the financial losses associated with them — by investing in dust control products like Midwest’s Road Oyl®. Road Oyl is a resin-modified emulsion that eliminates dust and stabilizes bare earth or unpaved surfaces. Site managers can reduce the impact of dust caused by bulldozers, dump trucks, and other heavy vehicles by applying Road Oyl to their site’s haul roads.

Road Oyl is environmentally safe, ensuring that construction site managers remain in compliance with government regulations. The concentrated solution is developed from natural and sustainable ingredients, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly dust control solutions on the market. Additionally, Road Oyl prevents water from permeating the treated surface, thus protecting construction sites against damage from precipitation.

Midwest’s trained professionals work with site managers to develop proposals specific to the project at hand, providing hands-on assistance to ensure that every client’s needs are thoroughly addressed. Construction site managers who rely upon Midwest’s effective dust and erosion control products can rest assured that their sitework will be not be interrupted by inclement weather and airborne dust, so that business can continue as usual — that’s our promise.

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Frank is the sales unit manager of Midwest's road construction and natural paving markets.