Preserve Your Health and Your Products with Midwest’s New Indoor Recycling and Shredding Dust Control Solutions

Preserve Your Health and Your Products with Midwest’s New Indoor Recycling and Shredding Dust Control Solutions

In Dust Control, Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc., Shredding & Recycling by Bob Vitale

Midwest has always supplied top of the line products to combat the dust particulate emitted by material shredding. Now, indoor-specific dust control solutions will make your facility more productive and your employees healthier.

Your company’s day-to-day operations are just as important as the health and safety of your employees. Indoor shredding — whether of plastics, electronics, metals, or organic materials — generates high levels of dust that thicken the air within a facility and present dangerous health risks to anyone in the vicinity. Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. knows from experience that there’s a better way to operate an indoor shredding facility — without sacrificing your health, the environment, or the efficiency of your facility.

Midwest has always provided top of the line dust control solutions, and now we’re introducing our newest solution: dust control specifically geared towards indoor shredding. Our new solution reduces airborne particles by an impressive 85%, effectively eliminating the biggest and most hazardous dust particulates in your facility. Not only will minimizing hazardous waste improve employee productivity, but it will also lower your disposal costs — without intervening with day-to-day operations whatsoever.

Back in April, Midwest saved the day at ECS, a company that processes and shreds old electronics. The dust levels at their facility had risen to a level that was hazardous to employee health, so the executives turned to Midwest to carefully apply a custom-designed indoor dust control solution.

The foam did its job, and by the time the solution had been applied in full, ECS’ personal exposure levels (PEL) had decreased by over 50% — significantly improving employee health and morale. ECS rated Midwest’s industrial solutions a 10/10, noting both better employee health and an impressive reduction in airborne dust levels.

Midwest will custom-design, install, and monitor a dust control solution for your shredding operations, making sure that your dust control becomes a seamless and self-sufficient process. With our commitment to individualized service, we’ll help you find a solution that does exactly the job you need it to do. Contact Midwest today for a quote or consultation, and start eliminating the hazardous dust in your facility.

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Bob is founder and CEO of Midwest Industrial Supply.