Paving Isn’t the Only Way to Fix Orange County’s Potholes

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From industrial roads to small-town ones, Midwest has the solutions to make the drive seamless and smooth. Check out some of our versatile and innovative products to combat the formation of hazardous potholes.

Every driver has, at one time or another, experienced the frustrations and inconveniences that come hand-in-hand with potholes — swerving wildly on your drive to work in order to avoid blowing out a tire never makes for an ideal commute.

Now try picturing these potholes remaining on your local roads, unfixed, for nearly 15 years.

This is a very real issue that the citizens of Orange County, North Carolina are currently facing, according to ABC News. The last remaining gravel road in the county is ridden with nasty potholes, each of which reappears almost immediately after it’s been “fixed” by the local government.

Let’s take a closer look at the problem and how it could be potentially remedied with the unparalleled products and solutions offered by Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc.

The Problem

The last unpaved road in Orange County has been a serious inconvenience for quite some time now — and one that has gone unaddressed. According to the county’s residents, government workers will typically come out and “throw a little gravel in the holes.” After a few weeks, the holes wallow themselves out, and the situation is back at square one.

Community members looking to solve the issue once and for all are petitioning for the road to be paved over like the rest of the town, despite the excessive funds required to do so. But what many of these residents fail to realize is that gravel roads aren’t necessarily a bad thing — if properly maintained, they can actually prove just as effective as their paved counterparts.

Innovative Solutions

Midwest knows that paved roads can be costly to construct and to maintain, and it’s for this reason that we offer highly effective methods of keeping your gravel roads in peak condition for as long as physically possible. Here are some products that the people of Orange County — or any county that wants picture-perfect roads — can use to finally fix those potholes.

Road-Bldr® Natural Paving

This unique formula from Midwest is designed to dramatically improve and extend the lifecycle of surfaced and unsurfaced secondary roads. By creating a tough and natural barrier that reduces harmful moisture penetration, the Road-Bldr system ensures that your road surface will be stronger, last longer, and cost less than conventional road designs.

SF2® Stabilization

Midwest’s synthetic SF2 fluid-and-fiber system is a self-sustaining agent that provides maximum strength and stability of gravel and dirt roads. The material actually gains strength the more it’s driven over, making this an investment that only gets more valuable over time.

Midwest Is There for Any Situation

Midwest can benefit everyone and anyone in need of a better, safer commute — from industrial business operations to small-town roads. Although the people of Orange County seem to have their hearts set on paving their problematic road, they may have to reconsider once they see the quality and affordability of Midwest’s products in action.

Even with gravel roads still in place, it’s important to keep them well-maintained and entirely free of potholes for years to come. If you think you could benefit from some of these innovative solutions, contact Midwest today and find out which product is right for you.

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Frank is the sales unit manager of Midwest's road construction and natural paving markets.