New Precast Concrete Project Puts Cutting-Edge Technology to the Test

In Dust Control by Lynn Cielec

For precast concrete manufacturers leveraging the latest and greatest technologies, effective dust control on their worksites remains essential.

When it comes to new construction, architects, construction teams, and property owners need high-quality materials that can last. Ideally, these materials will install easily, cut operational costs, and add long-term value for property owners and tenants alike.

A new type of precast concrete offers to do precisely that. SlenderWall, an architectural cladding system designed by Smith-Midland, combines the typical benefits of precast concrete with high-tech PVA fiber, welded-wire reinforcement, stainless steel anchors, and interior heavy gauge galvanized steel or stainless steel studs. These factors deliver a number of benefits, primarily by isolating exterior cladding from wind loading, steel frame movement, expansion, contraction, and seismic shocks.

With these benefits in mind, contractor W.M. Jordan Company recently opted to deploy the SlenderWall system for a new project in Norfolk, Virginia. The project isn’t W.M. Jordan’s first time using SlenderWall — the firm also used the precast concrete system for their Ferguson Enterprises headquarters project in Newport News.

For construction firms like W.M. Jordan, using the best materials available for the job is always a priority. However, it’s important for decision-makers at precast concrete firms to invest just as much time and attention into improving worksite conditions as they do into the materials and technologies they deploy. With the help of innovative dust control products, precast concrete manufacturers can create safe and environmentally friendly worksites for everyone involved. 

W.M. Jordan Company’s Newest SlenderWall Project

Named the River Tower, W.M. Jordan’s newest SlenderWall project will bring 147 luxury residences and over 95,000 square feet of common space to the Harbor’s Edge, a Life Plan Retirement Community. Upon the project’s completion — slated for 2021 — the 24-story, $130-million tower will include 30,000 square feet of SlenderWall cladding from Smith-Midland.

Getting the job done right will require 11 full weeks dedicated to panel manufacturing. But for W.M. Jordan, the cutting-edge technology behind Smith-Midland’s approach to precast concrete manufacturing is well worth the wait. Each SlenderWall panel includes 3.5 inches of closed-cell foam insulation with an R24 thermal rating. Plus, the lower weight of each panel can cut installation time and costs by up to 50%, saving valuable time and resources for everyone involved.

Precast Concrete Manufacturing and Dust Control

For W.M. Jordan Company and fellow construction firms, innovative precast concrete panels like SlenderWall offer a range of benefits for construction teams, architects, and property owners. However, it’s crucial that precast concrete manufacturers consider what it takes to make their own worksites as safe as they are efficient.

Effective dust control is a must in these environments. On top of adherence to government regulations, keeping fugitive dust to a minimum is important for worker safety, community health, and protecting the surrounding environment. Thankfully, cutting-edge dust control products are available that can help precast concrete manufacturers accomplish all of these objectives.

Investing in Safe Worksites

Precast concrete industry stakeholders should make sure to consider which dust control products are best for their people and their operations. And ideally, they should work with a partner who offers solutions that take the specifics of their worksites into consideration and include ongoing analysis and maintenance to help guarantee the best possible outcome.

With advanced dust control products and full-service application programs from Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc., precast concrete manufacturers can get just that. Our environmentally friendly products are backed by decades of experience delivering industry-leading dust control to worksites around the world. Plus, we’re competitively equipped to handle every step of the process, from site-specific analysis and application to short- and long-term maintenance.

Let us handle the details of dust control so you can focus on what your business does best.

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