Midwest’s Innovative GreenPave™ Solution Makes Cost-Effective Road Stabilization A Reality

Midwest’s Innovative GreenPave™ Solution Makes Cost-Effective Road Stabilization A Reality

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Traditional methods of road stabilization have become outdated and inefficient in terms of cost and resource allocation— yet Midwest’s recently-launched, innovative GreenPave™ solution offers a customizable result that guarantees strength and durability.

As road builders and operators in both the private and public sectors confront smaller budgets and tighter regulations for environmental compliance, well-established road construction techniques and products simply haven’t risen to the challenge. Moreover, the costs associated with common soil additives for improving roadway structure have become downright exorbitant.

With the introduction of its new GreenPave™ technology, Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. is unveiling an innovative surface stabilization solution that serves as a viable alternative to costly upkeep and half-measures. A highly adaptable product, GreenPave can be applied to subgrades, wear courses, and roads to be chip sealed. And it can be uniquely tailored by Midwest’s team of field experts and technicians to strengthen any road surface — regardless of its composition.

In addition to the greater strength and impressive durability it provides, GreenPave’s patented, engineered solution allows for a more economical road building or maintenance project than one involving conventional paving, extending the roadbed’s lifespan while lowering the costs of maintenance and construction.

A New Approach to Stabilization

The innovative technology behind the GreenPave solution works by stabilizing the road at a shallower depth than other products on the market, which in turn means you’re able to stabilize more road with less material — and subsequently, at a lower cost.

By using highly sustainable products, Midwest’s GreenPave system reduces 80% of construction costs while maintaining the strength of the road surface. In fact, GreenPave has been shown to actually increase loading capacity and boost structural integrity, while at the same time reducing moisture penetration. In short, GreenPave outperforms conventional road stabilization techniques in virtually every measurable category.

Midwest Goes Global

Midwest’s experts have taken the GreenPave solution and its installation to communities and facilities around the world, providing industrial and municipal roadways everywhere with highly customized stabilization solutions. GreenPave can be applied in virtually any environment, while Midwest’s experienced and committed team of professionals in the field ensure that the project will be finished on the timeline you set while minimizing the project’s impact on traffic flow.

Regardless of the particular circumstances of your site, Midwest will develop a custom-designed plan of action and deliver results with industry-leading efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We’re not reinventing the wheel — we’ve reinvented the road!

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Frank is the sales unit manager of Midwest's road construction and natural paving markets.