Midwest President Steven Vitale Receives Smart 50 Award

In Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. by Bob Vitale

The 2018 Northeast Ohio Smart 50 Awards has recognized Steven Vitale as one of the best and most innovative executives in the region.

Steven Vitale, President of Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc., has been named a recipient of one of this year’s Northeast Ohio Smart 50 Awards! Our company is honored to be recognized for the rapid growth, innovative business practices, and industry-leading line of products that Steven’s leadership has helped make possible.

The Northeast Ohio Smart 50 Awards are bestowed on executives in the region by Corporate College, a division of Cuyahoga Community College, to celebrate leaders who have demonstrated tremendous skill in building “smart businesses.” The recipients of these awards all lead organizations that are hugely impactful within the Northeast Ohio business community.

A Winning Track Record

Steven’s award comes on the heels of a string of major successes for Midwest. Over the course of the last year, Steven led the successful acquisition of local competitor SynTech Products Corporation. That acquisition only partially accounts for the huge growth Midwest has experienced since Steven’s was named President in 2010, with the company’s total employee count more than doubling from 55 to 120.

Midwest’s growth as an employer is outmatched only by its growth in revenue. As Smart Business Cleveland says in its write-up of Steven, “Vitale’s strong leadership at Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. is reflected by the company’s soaring revenues, which have reached a total growth rate of 317% over the course of his 17 years at the company.” Much of this improved revenue is due to a joint venture that Steven himself engineered, “advancing the company’s position in a core market.”

A Recognition of Our Team Effort

As proud as we are of Steven for receiving such an honor, we recognize that Midwest’s success is the product of the effort put in by every single one of our employees each day. From the engineers innovating our patented products in the lab to the account representatives working around the clock to solve our clients’ unique problems, awards like these are made possible by the hard work of not just business leaders like Steven, but individuals at every tier of our organization.

We at Midwest would like to thank Corporate College and the Smart 50 Awards for the tremendous honor they’ve bestowed on us, as well as congratulate the other award recipients for everything they’ve done to make this community so great. We’ve never been more proud to do business in Northeast Ohio.

Bob is founder and CEO of Midwest Industrial Supply.