With Midwest’s Industrial Solutions Experts, Your Roads Are in Good Hands

With Midwest’s Industrial Solutions Experts, Your Roads Are in Good Hands

In Dust Control, Managed Services, Soil-Sement®, Surface Management by Lynn Cielec

Long-term customer relationships are the driving force behind Midwest’s solutions-based services.

The Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. team knows that no two customers grapple with the exact same challenges — each and every facility faces a unique set of obstacles, which are determined by the industry, the size of the site, and the type of equipment used, among other factors. Midwest works tirelessly to identify those challenges, and strategically tailors a solution to address a client’s specific road-related concerns in the most effective manner.

Proper Planning Yields Proven Results

Midwest’s programming begins with a collaborative diagnostic process. Because every customer is different, so too are their expectations for a project. Our team of experts meets face-to-face with the client to review current and past dust control efforts, clearly delineating these expectations to develop a unified vision of success. As a preliminary plan emerges, Midwest conducts a comprehensive site survey that carefully takes into consideration everything from existing road conditions to traffic patterns.

This survey gives Midwest’s experts and our clients a clear sense of what challenges exist, and how they can be addressed by one or many of the dozens of tools at our disposal. With a proven track record spanning over 40 years, our clients know they are getting the absolute best product on the market — not to mention the most economical and environmentally sound solution. Midwest’s experts continue to work relentlessly to improve our dust control product formulas, but as powerful as Midwest’s products are, our experts know that successful dust control depends as much on quality application and planning as it does on which product you buy.

Without thoughtful collaboration that addresses the root problems specific to a given site, the product cannot work to its full potential. We are not interested in quick fixes or slapdash solutions; but establishing long-term relationships founded on trust and respect, and fueled by results, to address critical business and operating needs. That’s what Midwest does best.

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Lynn Cielec is the Industrial Business Unit Manager at Midwest Industrial Supply. She is an experienced executive sales director with a proven track record of results and sales growth. Effectively utilizes consultative selling methodologies within a CRM system while incorporating other value based selling tools. Expertise in building and leading high performing sales teams, strategic planning, P & L management, new business development, compensation development, market/trend analysis, new product launches and multi-sales channel distribution.