Midwest Hires John Burnett to Run Gravel Runway Sales

Midwest Hires John Burnett to Run Gravel Runway Sales

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Midwest is excited to announce that John Burnett has been named Business Manager for the company’s Gravel Runway and Village Roads Group.

Our excitement stems from the fact that this hire signals the highly promising new direction for the company’s sales and business development teams. Burnett has over twenty years of experience in sales and an impressive track record of drumming up revenue in competitive markets.

Moreover, Burnett is taking that successful strategy up to Canada and Alaska, where Midwest is expanding its already established presence in the gravel runway market. Specifically, he’s joining a company that has already treated nearly 200 public runways across the upper reaches of North America through its Fines Preservation™ Program.

As Midwest President Steven Vitale noted, “Given his skills in acquiring accounts and negotiating contracts, as well as his experience with agricultural equipment, John will prove instrumental to introducing Midwest’s products and services not only to the 49th state’s remaining untreated runways, but to gravel, unpaved, and non-paved runways and roads around the world in the coming years.”

Burnett developed relationships with construction firms like Volvo and Liebherr while working for Kinshofer North America, which should prove invaluable to Midwest’s pursuit of future deals. “Midwest has a great history of developing high quality, high value products that exceed the expectations of its customers,” Burnett said. For him, what’s particularly promising is that the company “has experienced impressive growth and are poised to take their business to much higher levels.”

With this extraordinary opportunity to take charge of a growing market and follow the lead of its impressive new team members in expanding into new territory, Midwest couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds.

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