Midwest Helps Company Cut Costs While Catering to the Community

Midwest Helps Company Cut Costs While Catering to the Community

In Dust Control, Environment, Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. by Bob Vitale

Recently, one of the largest oil and gas producers in the Utica Shale significantly grew their fracking operation near a small residential area in Ohio, resulting in local concerns about dramatically increased truck traffic–and in turn, clogged township and county roads, troublesome dust and noise, and necessitated road maintenance.

With a clear need for a solution and many traditional options wildly expensive and insufficient long-term fixes, the company turned to Midwest Industrial Supply’s Fines Preservation Program® utilizing EnviroKleen Synthetic Organic Dust Control product.

After Midwest rolled out its program over two years and along 60 miles of roadway, not only did much of the road actually increase load-bearing capacity, but maintenance costs also fell by almost 70%. Soon, community complaints dissipated to only three calls per month, and water was rendered unnecessary for dust control, conserving over 175 million gallons of H2O per year.

Thanks to the greener, more affordable alternatives Midwest provided, both the company and the surrounding community opted to embrace mutually beneficial plans of action and fortified their ongoing relationship. While fracking is a massive undertaking, Midwest’s products help streamline productive, cost-effective, and eco-friendly projects for a better, energy-rich tomorrow.

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Bob is founder and CEO of Midwest Industrial Supply.