Midwest Boosts Mine Efficiency and Reduces Maintenance Costs

Midwest Boosts Mine Efficiency and Reduces Maintenance Costs

In Dust Control, Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc., Mine & Quarry by Bob Vitale

A major North American Molybdenum mining company recently reexamined its dust reduction plan and understandably found the $642,000 annual cost unacceptable. After considering several options, the company approached Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. for a full-site audit to identify critical areas of improvement. We assured the company that our Fines Preservation Program® would address all of their concerns.

Although cost reduction remained the foremost priority, Midwest identified a critical need to be addressed: cutting back the total man-hours dedicated to dust reduction from 487 to less than 250 per year. Our proposal also slashed the average annual number of required product applications from 122 to 61. Having accounted for every element of the company’s mining operation, Midwest presented an all-embracing program with performance tracking and full audits.

The results far exceeded even our highest expectations. EnviroKleen® lowered maintenance costs by 35 percent, slashed annual applications all the way down to 28, and cut down the number of man-hours spent on dust reduction to a mere 133. Additionally, the implementation of Midwest’s program directly increased operational efficiency. Our use of the mine shaft impacted fewer product movements than before and overall interference with production diminished significantly.

Midwest is again proud to have introduced greater efficiency and safety to one of our customers while simultaneously lowering costs and helping the environment. Read the full story here.

Bob is founder and CEO of Midwest Industrial Supply.