Midwest Releases New Video Featuring Our Team of Experts and Patented GreenPave® Solution

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Easy to implement, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, Midwest’s GreenPave system outperforms conventional paving techniques by a landslide.

Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc.’s GreenPave™ technology represents a radical rethinking of the way secondary roads are built. Utilizing organic products to achieve exceptional results, it matches conventional methods in both strength and durability.

To Meet Our GreenPave Experts, Watch the Video

The GreenPave method begins with an analysis of available materials in the construction area. First, Midwest’s experts examine soil composition to infer how GreenPave will react upon mixing. Then, they tailor the chemical composition of GreenPave to hold the specific local admixture in a stable formation. Unlike traditional asphalt construction techniques, GreenPave offers compatibility with many different types of local aggregate.


A Personalized Solution

Here at Midwest, we know that one size fits all does not always make for a good fit; unique problems require unique solutions. As such, GreenPave is fully customizable to a range of diverse environments. Off the shelf is fine when it works, but when it doesn’t, Midwest has the capability and expertise to customize a formula for your specific paving needs. We rise to every challenge, and aren’t satisfied until we’ve produced a solution that proves its worth in the field.

Because GreenPave is so adaptable, it’s a great solution for infrastructure expansion in developing nations. GreenPave can provide critical upgrades to unpaved, rural roads at high speed and low cost. For example, to improve its critical network of village roads, the government of Senegal relied on Midwest to upgrade them with GreenPave. After a speedy implementation process, a crucial section of the country’s traversable terrain is now smooth, pothole-free, and usable in all seasons.

Minimizing Impact

Of course, GreenPave also offers outstanding environmental safety benefits. It cuts back on storm water runoff, keeping hazardous materials from spilling off roadways. It also stays far cooler than asphalt, reducing the risk of thermal shock to aquatic life. Most importantly, GreenPave’s light construction demands ensure that local ecosystems are minimally impacted.

Stabilizing roads with GreenPave is a highly adaptable process, and can be done virtually anywhere given the proper equipment. Because it relies on local materials, GreenPave also eliminates the necessity of importing asphalt or aggregate, which can be prohibitively expensive in remote locations. By removing vast supply line costs, municipal and industrial operators can utilize GreenPave to surface five miles of road for the price of one mile of asphalt.

Because of the unique strength of its compounds, GreenPave roads can be much more compact than conventional roads. Where the use of aggregate or asphalt would require deep cuts to the road so that enough material could be filled in to form a stable base, Midwest’s natural paving solutions feature binding agents that chemically mix with the in-place soils beneath them.

Depending on traffic demands, GreenPave’s smaller base and wear course is typically six inches thick, and can be as narrow as four inches thick. Compared with the 9-12 inch thickness of conventional roads, these sleeker dimensions can significantly reduce overall construction cost and duration.

Midwest’s GreenPave is ready to reshape the secondary road construction process from the ground up. With advantages in cost, ease of implementation, and environmental impact, GreenPave could be just the solution for your next infrastructure project.

Frank is the sales unit manager of Midwest's road construction and natural paving markets.