New Agreement With China Has Coal’s Future Burning Bright

New Agreement With China Has Coal’s Future Burning Bright

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A recent agreement between the U.S and China marks an important step towards making clean coal a reality. Through progressive action like this – and help from innovators like Midwest – the future of clean energy is looking a whole lot brighter.

A recent agreement between China and the United States solidifies the two countries’s intentions to bring clean coal into the modern era, as reported by the magazine Power. The landmark decision took place at the recent U.S.-China Clean Coal Industry Forum (CCIF) in Billings, Montana.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, this watershed moment between two powerful nations is part of a long line of similar efforts to promote the clean, effective use of fossil fuels. By promoting innovative solutions — instead of cutting back on vital resources — we can move forward into a continuously evolving and energy efficient future.

Reviving an Industry

While the coal industry has never truly faltered — it still provides the world with 40% of its electricity according to the World Coal Organization — its contribution to emissions has led to damaging legislation. Newly formed EPA regulations have been responsible for the closing of dozens of formerly thriving coal plants in the United States, as explains.

The CCIF is devoted to environmental protection, all the while emphasizing the irreplaceable contributions to energy output provided by coal. By crafting a set of carefully considered carbon emission standards for the industry, the CCIF has provided realistic goals to make coal cleaner than ever before.

To meet these future standards, the two countries will cap coal consumption, close inefficient plants, improve coal washing, and develop ultra-low-emission/high efficiency coal power generation. It’s the U.S.’s goal to cut emissions between 26% and 28% by 2025.

A Cleaner Future

Think what you will about coal — the numbers make it clear that we simply can’t do without it. And though the CCIF goals may seem overly-optimistic to some, scientists believe that technology and coal can work hand-in-hand toward a cleaner future, according to the Wall Street Journal.

There are, of course, dissenters: journalist Richard Heinberg claims that making coal clean is too expensive. He alleges the numbers don’t add up, resulting in a future financial loss. However, great minds and organizations are working to prove him wrong.

Renowned MIT research engineer Howard Herzog is one of the believers in coal reformation. He’s confident that we’re in no danger of coal depletion, and that rapidly evolving technologies will revolutionize the face of this once-beleaguered industry.

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