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In-Pit Conveyor Systems Bring Huge Cost Savings to Mining Operations

By Jim Silva | 10/13/2017

Conveyor technology promises big savings for mines that would otherwise rely on haul trucks to transport materials — but some are reluctant to adopt it.


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From Deep Underground to the Can in Your Hand: How Aluminum Is Mined and Smelted

By Jim Silva | 10/04/2017

Aluminum may be common, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get — the metal requires extensive processing before it can be used for industrial purposes.


New Study Shows Connection Between Sustainable Mining Practices and Long-Term Profitability

By Jim Silva | 09/29/2017

A recent study found that sustainability does more than just benefit the environment — it turns out that lower emissions are tied to lower overhead in the mining industry.


This Canadian Province Was Just Named the Most Attractive Mining Location in the World

By Jim Silva | 09/20/2017

The global mining rankings have shifted, due in large part to differences in regulatory policy across popular mining regions.


Peruvian Metal Mining Grows at Record Pace

By Jim Silva | 09/08/2017

As Peru’s mining operations expand at a record pace, efforts to maximize safety are coming to the forefront.

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