Midwest’s Own David Justus Promoted to VP of Sales Delivery and Execution

Midwest’s Own David Justus Promoted to VP of Sales Delivery and Execution

In Dust Control, Managed Services, Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. by Bob Vitale

After three successful years at Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc., David Justus is being promoted to the role of Vice President, Sales Delivery & Execution. We’re excited to make David an integral part of Midwest’s initiative to coordinate and manage our diverse array of customer-facing services.

David’s new role will be to ensure that every installation and solution brings maximum value to Midwest’s customers and clients. Given the wide range of companies and operations we work with and solutions we provide, that’s no easy task — luckily, his experience with several of our diverse business units make him uniquely qualified for the job.

David’s new job responsibilities at Midwest will also encompass delivery, execution, and ongoing program management. “Just about everything in the delivery part of Midwest’s proposition to the customer falls under our team,” David declares.

Specifically, David will oversee our Managed Services program, which ensures that every solution we provide is as closely tailored to the needs of our client as possible. A solution might involve designing and installing a machine tailored specifically to one city’s rail system to protect it from freezing conditions, or it could entail regular follow-ups to determine the additional steps — if any — required following the initial application. But no matter what the solution calls for, Justus will play a part in guiding customers through every step in the process.

That doesn’t mean that he’s completely abandoning his former business management duties. Far from it, in fact: “I still have business management responsibility for at least a portion of our customers, as well as many of the people that I work with in our business segments,” David says. “That way, I don’t lose perspective and can make sure that I keep the customer’s viewpoint top of mind.”

But the move will also allow David to oversee every employee responsible for customer satisfaction. That includes the teams that actually assist clients on-site (customer service professionals, or CSP teams), as well as those who tailor and engineer the solutions that clients order (the application, equipment, and expertise teams). David will work with clients to make sure that they receive exactly the solution they need, that any issues are resolved quickly, and that their experiences are tied directly to the Midwest brand.

In addition to his responsibilities at Midwest, David is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons. And in his spare time, he practices kung-fu and works as a referee for FIFA U.S. Soccer!

With their renewed focus on consistent customer experiences, Midwest hopes to strengthen their brand and expand its reach to even more customers and industries. And we’re proud to make David Justus a crucial player in this effort.

For more info, read our press release on David’s promotion.

Bob is founder and CEO of Midwest Industrial Supply.