Midwest Announces Managed Service Program to Combat Industrial Dust

Midwest Announces Managed Service Program to Combat Industrial Dust

In Dust Control, Managed Services, Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. by Bob Vitale

Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. has come up with an alternative to poorly executed, spray-and-go dust-control programs. The Managed Service Program provides a comprehensive, site-specific solution to excess dust caused by the frequent use of unpaved roads by major industrial operations.

Through an examination of every aspect of a site prior to treatment, including traffic flow, soil chemistry, and potential contamination sources, Midwest can determine exactly which product will most effectively address the situation at hand.

When deciding upon which dust reduction option to use, rarely does a company try to establish specific success factors before embarking on a course of treatment. The results of this approach, as one might guess, are often disappointing: Within a week of application, unmanaged dust control programs lose, on average, 80% of their effectiveness. Midwest makes a point of defining acceptable dust levels throughout its trial process, which involves the application of a product in a predetermined section and over an established time period. By consistently following up on the job, Midwest maintains results in the long term.

The conventional wisdom in dust treatment is that, when it comes to reducing dust, the product used is the most important element. As demonstrated by Midwest’s numerous, successful programs, the inverse is actually true: 60% of a program’s success can be attributed to effective management of the site, with only 40% a direct result of the product itself. By emphasizing the proper evaluation of a site, Midwest saves countless gallons of product used in stabilizing unpaved industrial roads, a savings that is then passed on to our customers.

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Bob is founder and CEO of Midwest Industrial Supply.