Keeping State Parks Safe for Visitors and the Environment with Dust Control

In Dust Control by John Burnett

The dilemma facing Oceano Dunes and California State Parks demonstrates the need for cost-effective and sophisticated dust control solutions. 

For communities suffering from airborne dust, investing in the right kind of dust control can be critical. If municipal leaders opt for ineffective solutions that might seem cheap up front, it’s likely they risk investing community funds in products that won’t fully solve the issues at hand — and may even exacerbate them. Accordingly, the pressure is on key decision-makers to ensure that the dust control solutions they propose are able to meet community needs while staying within their budget.

This is the same dilemma that is currently facing the Oceano Dunes. Part of the California State Parks, the Oceano Dunes pose a number of dust-related concerns to the nearby communities of San Luis Obispo County. However, when plans put forward by California State Parks failed to fully comply with dust control requirements for the site, the Air Pollution Control District (APCD) stepped in to protect the natural landscape, closing dozens of acres of the park to vehicles until a solution had been reached. 

Ultimately, California officials in charge of dust control for Oceano Dunes and the surrounding area will need to find dust control methods that comply with the requirements set by the APCD. To do so, they should evaluate what options available to them offer effective, customized dust control solutions that will be as effective in the long run as they will be upon first application — and that are safe for the environment.

The Problem at Oceano Dunes

While officials from California State Parks proposed dust control plans for the Oceano Dunes sites in question, the two drafts failed to meet standards that the APCD had set. A scientific advisory group backed the APCD, finding that the possible work plans put forward by California State Parks were inadequate for the airborne dust risks at Oceano Dunes. 

Accordingly, the APCD passed strict changes to a stipulated abatement order at a hearing on November 18. The modified order calls for specific steps that California State Parks will need to take over the course of the next year to resolve outstanding dust control issues. For example, 48 acres of shoreline will need to be closed to vehicles by January 1, 2020, while the state will need to begin more rigorous dust control efforts in additional areas by March 15, 2020.  

Where Effective Dust Controls Factors In

To protect local communities from airborne dust, municipal leaders need to be sure that their dust control efforts are going to be effective, affordable, and environmentally friendly. If dust mitigation solutions only offer short-term results, community stakeholders risk spending precious municipal funds on products that won’t provide the kind of relief that the public needs.

Likewise, dust control efforts — such as those at Oceano Dunes — call for serious consideration over environmental impact. By taking the time to research sustainable solutions, key decision-makers won’t have to choose between protecting their communities from airborne dust and preserving natural habitats.

Award-Winning Support from Midwest

With the right dust control solution, communities can get the best of both worlds: affordable, effective dust mitigation without having to compromise on environmental values and sustainability goals. By opting for sophisticated, customized dust control, municipal leaders can invest community funds in products that meet community needs and ecological concerns. 

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