5 Benefits to Proper Gravel Runway Maintenance

In Fines Preservation®, Gravel Runway, Surface Management by John Burnett

Gravel runways are the workhorses keeping many rural communities and operations afloat. Here’s how to keep them strong.

Gravel runways are a lifeline for rural populations throughout the world — remote Alaskan villages, diamond mines in the Northwest Territories, and private and commercial airports. But while opting for a gravel surface over asphalt has numerous benefits, the runway can become a huge liability if it’s not properly maintained.

Runways have extremely high standards for safety, and must be regularly maintained to remain in service. However, airplane landings and frequent, harsh weather conditions speed up the degradation process, which can be massively expensive to repair. And repairs require gravel and other materials to be shipped from far off sources.

Maintain Runways With Midwest’s Fines Preservation™

Fortunately, there is a simple and economical solution to keep runways from becoming dusty and degraded. Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc.’s proprietary Fines Preservation™ program helps extend the lifetime of runways and keeps maintenance costs down.

Here are 5 of the many benefits of Fines Preservation:

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