Fossil Fuels Are Here to Stay

Fossil Fuels Are Here to Stay

In Dust Control, Energy, Oil & Gas by Dan Carpenter

Although the talk around renewable energy is increasing, fossil fuels still account for the overwhelming majority of the world’s energy. And companies like Midwest are helping the fossil fuel industry to be more efficient and eco-friendly than ever.

The concern about climate change and its contributing factors is being discussed around the world. President Obama’s recent history-making visit to Alaska made it clear that it’s a key focal point for him and his administration, as the New York Times reports.

But while the matter of environmental sustainability is an important one, many believe that some measures designed to alter how we produce energy are too drastic and premature, according to Forbes.

In recent years, fossil fuels have been vilified — even as coal continues to produce 40% of the world’s electricity (as the World Coal Association details). Our relationship with fuel sources like coal and gasoline is foundational, and needn’t be as detrimental as some claim. By working in tandem with renewable energy sources and using new technologies from companies like Midwest Industrial Supply, fossil fuels can find a place in our green future.

The Current State of Fossil Fuels

According to the Institute for Energy Research, fossil fuels account for around 82% of the United States’ overall energy consumption. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to sustain our way of life.

But despite the largely negative reputation that fossil fuels have developed in our society, the industry is making great strides (as HowStuffWorks explains) in reducing its carbon footprint while still meeting the increasing demands for energy. In fact, greenhouse gases have even seen a marked decrease in recent years, according to the EPA.

While renewable energy sources are making inroads in U.S. energy markets and around the world, they are light years away from becoming dominant sources. In the meantime, we still need copious amounts of energy — coal can, and will, provide it for us.

Midwest: Clearing the Way

The interaction between fossil fuels and the environment is an issue that we will have to face as long as we require energy. Midwest understands this problem, and for 40 years has helped to solve it with innovative, effective, and low-impact solutions. Through our proprietary line of products, wqe keep the fossil fuel process as clean, safe, and efficient as it possibly can be.

Our products address dust control, anti-icing and deicing and and combustible dust, and are applicable to a wide range of industrial processes. With state-of-the-art technology, industrial operators can increase their productivity, decrease the costs of maintenance, and minimize their environmental impact. Operators are making smart decisions, and that’s the reason that the industry is still improving.

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