15 People in the Energy Industry Whom You Should Be Following

15 People in the Energy Industry Whom You Should Be Following

In Energy by Steve Vitale

A definitive who’s who of energy trendsetters.

As the third largest industry in the United States — and the catalyzing force behind countless others — energy plays a major role in our national economy. As strategy& emphasizes, while the industry’s current situation has mirrored the economy’s recent fluctuations, the fact is that this field is absolutely vital to our society at large.

As the decade unfolds, it’s become clear that the industry will be powered by savvy decision-makers who are able to spin success out of any situation presented to them. The following unranked list is made up of twenty movers and shakers to watch in the coming months. These men and women are the future of energy.

1. Marc Laitin, Vice President, Opower

Laitin’s methods have been billed as revolutionary, and he emphasizes the importance of experimentation to succeed within the industry, as the opower website details.

2. William M. Colton, VP Corporate Strategic Planning, ExxonMobil Corp

Colton has been a huge proponent of affordable energy that citizens can safely access with minimal impact on the environment. He has spoken on how population will increase global demand for energy by 35% by 2040, and wants to find a safe way to meet those needs, as the Association of Energy Engineers explains.

3. Peter O. Estevez, Founder, EGO

As the Co-Founder of Energy Gas Oil Mexico, Estevez works to develop good relations between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada in both gas and oil markets. His conciliatory skills and pioneering vision are essential to these critical relationships.

4. David Dunlap, CEO, Superior Energy

With uncertainty about oil prices looming, Dunlap’s predictions have been spot on. He has worked to stabilize Superior’s efforts and to continue its commitment to meeting its client’s energy needs.

5. Steven Mueller, CEO, Southwestern Energy

Serving as CEO of Southwestern since 2009, Mueller has overseen the company’s continual growth — an average of 8-10% annually — despite gas prices falling, as described in full by TheStreet.

6. Dirk Smit, Chief Scientist for Geophysics, Shell

A technological pioneer in the field of Geophysics, Smit is a proponent of using advanced technology to help energy companies explore harder-to-find oil and gas resources.

7. David Demshur, CEO, Core Labs

Demshur has been promising a strong rally for oil throughout the year, and has inspired confidence as a public ambassador for the industry.

8. Gary Heminger, CEO, Marathon Energy

Heminger, the CEO of Marathon since June 2011, was one of the first industry members to assert that low oil prices brought new commercial advantages. It’s this kind of outlook that will carry oil into future decades.

9. Robert E. Murray, CEO, Murray Energy Corporation

A born-and-bred coal industrialist, Murray’s privately owned company has risen to the upper echelon of production in the United States and has consistently served as a weathervane for coal leaders everywhere.

10. Eric Bielke, Director, GE Ventures

Bielke focuses on technology-based services within the energy sector, working to make access to these services easier for the public. He’ll serve as a judge at the upcoming SXSW Eco Startup Showcase.

11. Thomas M. Siebel, CEO, C3 Energy

Siebel is an early pioneer of a smart-grid system that will facilitate easier and more efficient transportation of energy. The system Siebel proposes will also be much more secure than the one currently used.

12. Gregory H. Boyce, Executive Chairman, Peabody Energy

Initially trained as a mining engineer, Boyce served as as CEO of Peabody from 2006 to January of this year, overseeing the company’s expansion into Australia, as well as its dramatically improved safety rate. As Executive Chairman, he still wields his influence over the industry with precision and strategy.

13. Kim Lubel, CEO, CST

Kim Lubel joined CST after fifteen years as Executive Vice President at Valero. Now she leads CST’s forward-leaning business operations and Fortune Magazine named her one of the Most Powerful Women in Business.

14. David Danielson, Assistant Secretary of Energy, Department of Energy

While some industry insiders may find themselves at odds with Danielson’s ideals, his efforts to understand and improve the grid have been impressive, as gtm outlines.

15. William A. Von Hoene Jr., Chief Strategy Officer, Exelon Corp.

An industry veteran, Von Hoene has been unafraid to champion radical ideas about the future of the energy grid, as the MIT Energy Conference showcases.